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Best 10 Video Repair Software

Summary:- Are you looking out for a list of top 10 best video repair software that can help in fixing all sorts of video file corruption problems without degrading the data quality & security? If Yes, then you are landing on the right webpage. Here at TechSoftwareLogic, we have compiled a complete list of most popular and award-winning Video File Repair Tools to repair the corrupted video of different file extensions that include:- MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, etc. to name a few. These video repair apps fix broken, damaged, and unplayable video files using the help of in-built advanced-level file repair algorithms. You can free download any one of these applications on your Windows or Mac computer and fix corrupted Video files in bulk to save precious time. 

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List of Top 10 Best Video Repair Software Free Download to Fix Corrupted Video Files

Download free and use any of these below free 10 best video repair software to fix corrupted or damaged video files on Windows and Mac.

Top 10 Best Free Video Repair Software

#1)TechSoftwareLogic Listed Stellar Video Repair Tool

The Video Repair Software is a professional application to fix any corrupted or damaged video files on both Windows and macOS. Stellar Video Repair Tool fixes the severely damaged videos-files; which become corrupted due to malware attacks, read/write problems, compression issues, internal computer hardware problems.

Video Repair

Features of Stellar Video Repair:

  • Support video file like MP4, MOV, 3G2, ASP format on Windows-OS
  • Provides the user with an option to preview video files before final repairing
  • Popular video file repair program on the memory card, external drive, internal drive
  • Give users an option to save the fixed video-file either on the internal/external drive
  • Available with both Windows and Mac operating system

#2)Digital Video File Repair Software

The digital video repair tool from Rising Research is free to download & easy to use corrupt video repair utility that enables the user to fix their video file of different extensions, i.e. MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, etc. It resolves all types of video file corruption problems and provides instant access to the lost data stored in Video files without degrading the final quality. Digital video repair software provides easy to use interface and provides a smooth hassle-free repair video file functionality to the end-user.

Digital Video Repair

In order to use the Digital video repair tool, you need to download and install it on your computer system and click on the “Check Error” button. Besides that, it enables the user to fix half downloaded video files from the internet without any change in data. The only drawback of Digital video-repair is that it only supports Windows operating system and not compatible with Apple Mac.

#3)Remo Repair for Video

Remo Video Repair software costs $99 in order to successfully fixing the video file corruption problems and offer a wide range of interactive options to the end-user. It provides 2 different versions, i.e. repairs AVI file and fix corrupted MOV video file in few easy to use mouse clicks. You can install and activate the pro version to solve the video corruption problems on Windows and Mac. Try Remo Video Repair Software and recover videos file.

Remo Video Repair

Key Features of Remo Video Repair

  • Fix any size corrupt or broken MOV files and makes the video file playable for final use
  • Provides easy to user UI-UX to allow users to complete the video repairing process in a secure manner
  • Repair MOV files that are taken from any type of smartphone, and drones
  • Offer free demo version to fix the video along with providing free file preview functionality

Pros: Fully compatible with Windows and Mac latest version.

Cons: Provides different versions, i.e. Remo Repair MOV & Remo Repair AVI. In order to repair two different files, you need to buy 2 products separately and will prove costly.

#4)YoDot Video Repair Software

YoDot corrupt video repair is the 4th option in this list of “Top 10 Best Video Repair Software” that will cost $69 in order to successfully fixing the corrupt AVI, DIVX, & XVID. One can fix damaged video files effortlessly on Windows PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, etc. machine without comprising the data quality & security. In order to fix broken files, you need to buy its paid version and choosing the “BROWSE” button to select those files and then finally click on the “REPAIR” button to solve video corruption errors of different levels. Within a few minutes, YoDot will fix your video file and also provides a free file preview option before the final process.

YoDot Video Repair Software

Key Features of YoDot Video Repair:

  • Fix broken or damaged AVI, XVID, and DIVX files of Video.
  • Repair the corrupted AVI files on the different data storage devices, that include computer hard disk drive (HDD), memory card, USB drive, iPod, etc. to name a few.
  • It also provides a free trial version, using which you can check the final results and gets free preview before finally restoring those video file to your device.

#5)Repair Video Master

If you have a bunch of broken or damaged video files, then don’t Trash them from your Windows OS. Now, you can easily fix all sized corrupted video files of different formats, i.e. ASF, AVI, MPEG, DivX, and much more with a few mouse click & in a much simpler manner. Repair Video Master costs $34 to restore the unplayable or broken video files in a matter of time. It also provides the “Advanced Mode” option to repair the severely corrupted video files but will take more time to fix video through this mode of operation. Further, it helps the Windows OS user to get a free preview of files before finally saving them to the hard drive.

Repair Video Master

Key Features of Repair Video Master Software

  • Fix partly corrupted video files in a safe manner
  • Quick repair speed with a much improved overall performance
  • Fix hundred/thousands of corrupt videos using a mouse click
  • This app offers a free version that has a size limit of 2 GB


  • Support multiple file format
  • Batch repair of video file present


  • Complex GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Not available for Mac Operating System

#6)Grau GmbH Video Repair

Grau GmbH Video Repair is another popular utility that will cost you $110 to fix corrupted video files of different extensions, i.e. MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, etc. Grau GmbH fixes broken or unplayable video files on Windows and Mac OS along with maintaining the data security. Although the user interface of Grau GmbH is not interactive, but it provides the “Advance Repair” option for repairing file above size 2 GB.

Grau GmbH Video Repair


  • Repair video files of any size in bulk
  • Provide free file preview option


  • Supports limited camera models
  • Cannot fix the sound error found in corrupt Video file
  • Unable to repair videos having size 2 GB
  • Demo version fix only half of the video file size
  • Too much expensive for a customer P.O.V. (point of view)

#7)OneSafe Video Repair Software

OneSafe Video Repair Software from Avanquest comes at the 7th position in this list of top-rated Video recovery apps that cost $69 for solving the video file corruption issues. It repairs header, footer, sound, movement, frame, and other related corruption error with ease. Using the help of the OneSafe Video recovery program, the end-user can fix multiple damaged video files at once. For Windows user, it provides “Quick Look” and for Mac user, it provides “Quick Look Viewer” option for hassle-free services.

OneSafe Video Repair Software


  • Provides Easy-to-use interface
  • Batch repair of multiple corrupted videos files


  • No Advance repair for severely damaged-videos
  • Allows only partial preview of a video before finally saving on the HD
  • Expensive software for the end-user

#8)Recoverit Video Repair Software

Recoverit video repair from Wondershare is the 8th software in this list that solves the video file corruption problem and charge $39 for using its services. You can fix MP4, MOV, MPEG, FLV, and overall 12 different file extensions on both Mac and Windows computer systems. Wondershare Recoverit Video repair is fully compatible CCTV Camera, pen drive, Android, iPhone, external drive, SSD, drones, etc. and provides batch repair options to the end-user. In case, you are not satisfied with the initial file repair process, you can fully utilize the “Advance Repair” button of this software to repair severely damaged video files.

Recoverit Video Repair Software


  • Batch repair
  • Advance repair using sample file


  • The graphical interface of RecoverIT video fix app is not user-friendly
  • The free version doesn’t allow to save the finally fixed video file

#9)Kernel Video Repair Tool

The Kernel Video file repair tool is another leading and most popular corrupt video file repair software that cost $29 for resolving corruption problem found in the user Video file. The corrupted video file can be any of these extensions:- MTS, M4V, MKV, ASF, WMV, 3GP, & F4V, etc. No matter how much corrupt your video file is; this software fixes all of them with ease and provides plenty of added features.

Kernel Video Repair Tool

Key features of Kernel repair for Video:-

  • Repair corrupted video of different file format that includes:- MP4, MOV, MPEG, 3GP, F4V, ASF, WMV
  • Solve the corruption in multiple video files at once
  • No limitations on the size of Video files for repairing purpose
  • User-friendly and interactive interface for simple operation without the need of any technical requirements
  • Fully Compatible with the version of Windows 10, 8,1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.


  • Multiple file format support
  • Provides User-friendly GUI


  • Batch repair absent in both demo and professional version
  • Can’t repair severely corrupt videos file at once, unlike other software in this list
  • Not compatible with Apple Mac operating system

#10)Meteorite Software for Video File Repair

The meteorite is the last software in this list of top 10 best Video repair tools for resolving the user video file corruption problems for completely free of cost.

Meteorite Software for Video File Repair

Although, Meteorite Video repair is not so much popular and doesn’t provide any type of advanced level video recovery features & functionality as provided by other software in this list. However, for the normal basis level, it is still a viable option and repairs the MKV file for free of cost.

How to Choose the Best Video Repair Software- (A Buyer Guide)

The selection of the right Video Repair software can make or break any business organization in today’s fierce world. Being a smart customer, you need to take care of all the essential & important features of the best Video Repair application that can full-fills your requirements and also cost-effective when compared with its competitors. Here at, we have compiled some of the most helpful tips and tricks that a user needs to take care of while spending money on buying any Video Repair utility.

1)Check the company behind the Video Repair app.

2)Check whether the software is a free or paid one.

3)Check the Video Repair customer support.

4)Understand your requirements first and then check whether the Video Repair tool full-fills your needs or not.

5)Always select a 100% safe and secure tool.

6)Always avoid downloading any free tools; since they are more prone to viruses or malware and further harm your computer.

7)Check the Video Repair software reviews and ratings on top rated tech magazines and reviews websites.

8)Check whether the Video Repair software development company provides a money-back guarantee or not in case the software fails to work.

9)Check whether the Video Repair program provides your computer installed OS or not, before buying it.

10)Check the integration of the Video Repair software with other 3rd party applications.

Video Repair Software || Key Features

This corrupt video repair software fixes any video file which got damaged due to individual memory card issue, improper file closing, header corruption issue, etc.:-

Easy to Use Video Repair Application

Easy to Use Video Repair Application

This Video Repair Software is a popular choice to rebuild and resolving all kinds of videos file corruption problems. Some of the popular and supported video file extensions are MP4, F4V, etc. Free Download this Award-Winning Video Repair Tool to Restore the Video Files back to HD.

An all in One Video Repair Tool

An all in One Video Repair Tool

The Video Repair utility repairs and resolve corrupted video files in a lucid manner & acts as a powerful Video Repair Tool. It resolves all the common problems found in the video files, i.e. header, frames, images, graphs, sound, etc. during the video file corruption repairing process.

All in One Video Repair for Windows and macOS (Suport available upto; Windows 10 and macOS High Sierra)

All in One Video Repair for Windows and Mac

The video repair application provides complete repairing of video files; which got damaged due to different reasons. After fixing the video file, header, movement, volume, duration, and several other parameters will remain intact. Also, it provides support for a wide range of other video file formats like MOV, MP4, WMV, ASF, etc.

Ability to Repair and Restore Data from Multiple Video Files in a Single Mouse Click

Ability to Repair and Restore Data from Multiple Video Files in a Single Mouse Click

Video repair tool also provides facilities to simultaneously fix multiple corrupted video files by using a single mouse click. To use this feature, you need to select all video-files & then click on the mouse button. This feature saves a lot of time by avoiding to manually run the Video file repairing process W.R.T. each file on Windows or macOS.

Provides Windows and Mac User to Get a Free Preview of Video Files Before Final Restoration

Provides Windows/Mac User to Get Free Preview of Video Before Final Restoration

Using the help of ‘Quick Look’ and the ‘Quick Look Viewer’ feature of this Video Repair software, users make sure that all the necessary components of the video files are resolved. Also, user’s can save the fixed video file at any preferred location either on local-drive or any other external data storage.

Provides User Option to Save the Finally Repaired Video File at any Location

Provides User Option to Save the Finally Repaired Video File at any Location

This feature comes useful when one wants to access the fixed video file from any other place like a remote computer. After repair & saving the Video file, a user will get a confirmation message along with the video file saving location on the computer screen.

Easy to Use and Much Simplified User-Interface

Easy to Use and Much Simplified User-Interface

Video Recovery Software also provides the user with a much simplified & user-friendly interface. Also, to use this Video file repair app, one doesn’t need any technical expertise. This is because all the documentation and information is freely available on the software page. Also, a separate YouTube Tutorial, How to Guide, Software Specification, FAQ’s, etc. is available to provide a hassle-free Video repairing process.

Operating System Compatibility and Video Files Support

Operating System Compatibility and Video Files Support

This Video Games Repair Utility provides support with the below mentioned operating system and Video file extension:-

For Windows OS: Operating System Supported: Windows 10, 7, XP, 8, Vista, etc. and Files format supported are: WMV, ASF, 3G2, 3GP, etc.

For Mac OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, and File Formats Supported are: MP4, F4V, MOV, M4V, etc.

What is the Cost of Buying a Video Repair Software or Product?

Majority of the Video Repair software price range between $49-$99 according to the list of important features provided by them. The overall cost of buying a reliable Video Repair product varies from the final software development company to the company. Usually, a company will charge a higher amount if the number and value/quality of the finally developed Video Repair app features is unique and is not provided by any of its competitors in the entire industry.

How to Fix the Corrupted Video File using Video Repair Tool?

1. First, download and install Video Repair Software on Windows/Mac OS.

2. Now, launch the user interface of this video file repair tool and click on the “Repair Video” button option.

3. In the 3rd step, you need to use the ‘Add File’ for adding the corrupted video file from the software queue.

Video Repair Software User Interface to Select Add Corrupt VIDEO File4. Here, select any of these damaged video files and use the “Preview”  option for getting a free preview before starting the corrupt video files repairing process.

5. Now, choose the “Repair” button to start the corrupt video repairing process.

Video Repair Tool is Repairing the Corrupted Video Files

6. Once the video file repairing process gets completed, take the help of “Preview” option for getting a free preview of the finally repaired video file; as shown below:- 

7. In this step, you need to click on the “Save” button option for saving the repaired file on the Mac or Windows hard disk drive (HDD) of any other data storage device.

Video Repair Tool to Select the Save Repaired Files

8. A prompt message will appear on the user-screen indicating the message of the repaired video file.

Most Commonly Faced Video File Corruption Problems and Their Corresponding Solution

Here at TehSoftwareLogic, we have done an in-depth review and pointed out the most commonly faced video corruption errors and how to solve them using the help of Video Repair Software listed here.

1)Choppy, Blurry, or Jerky Videos File
2)Video Become Corrupted After Recovery from the Hard Drive
3)Sluggish or Video Playing Very Slowly
4)Computer Operating System Crashes or Gets too Slow During Editing of Video File
5)Out-of-Sync Video or Audio Lag Issue
6)No Sound in the Video File
7)Videos Playing in the Slow Motion While Use
8)Video Codec Error
9)QuickTime Error 23132 with M4V Files
10)MacBook Pro crashes or continuously become freezes when playing YouTube videos
11)Black Screen while Trying to Play Videos
12)Video Distortion after Windows 10 Upgrade
13)Broken or Corrupted MP4 Files
14)Error 2048 in QuickTime Couldn’t Open Video File
15)Error Code 0xc00d36c4 in playing video files
16)Google Chrome Browser Freezes or Crashes while Loading an Online Video or Game
17)Video Files Become Corrupted while Editing
18)Video Flickering Problem
19)Video Quality Loss after Exporting
20)Stuck and Dead Pixels on Videos

Final Conclusion About Video Repair Software

So, this is the final list of the top 10 best video repair software to fix the corrupted/damaged video of different FILE extensions that include AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, WebM, MKV, etc. Each of the above-discussed apps provides a different set of features & functionality according to the end-user video repairing requirements. Among all these options, we recommend everyone to use TechSoftwareLogic listed Stellar Repair for Video Software due to its ease of use, features, cost, customer support, and on the basis of a few other key metrics. Always remember that at the time of finalizing & buying the Video repair tool, you need to compare the features of one software with others and choose the best option that fulfills your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answer (FAQ’s) About Best Video Repair Tool

Just check out the below list of top-rated and most frequently asked questions and answer (FAQs) about the use of Video Repair Tool and successfully restore corrupted video files of different extensions.

#1)Which is the Best Video Repair Software?

The most popular and best video file repair tool is obviously Stellar Video Repair. This is because it resolves all sorts of video corruption errors that include header & codecs problem, no sound, black screen, flickering, playback issue in the video file, etc. to name a few. Besides that, it provides support with most widely used video file extensions, i.e. MP4, MOV, 3GP, AVI, FLV, etc. This is the 1st option for every videographer and photographers whenever they face any type of video file corruption issue on their computer system.

#2)What are the Complete List of Different Video File Extension Supported by Video Repair Software?

The Corrupt Video Repair Tool fixed the AVI, ASF, MOV, MP4, MJPEG, MPEG, M4V, 3G2, MKV, FLV, 3GP, DIVX, WEBM, AVCHD, MTS, F4V, WMV, etc. file extensions while ensuring the data safety & security.

#3)How to Import Corrupted or Broken Videos from iPhone and Android devices using this Video File Repair App?

No, you can't import any type of video file from your smartphone by using this software. However, you can successfully transfer the corrupt video files from iPad, iPhone, Android, or any other smartphone directly to the Windows or Mac machine for repairing purpose. Once the corrupted video gets transferred successfully to the Mac or Windows hard drive, you can fix and reuse the video file using the help of video repair utility.

#4)I want to fix the corrupted video file from my Android device. How to do it?

In order to complete this process, first, you need to transfer the video file from your Android device to Windows/Mac drive and then need to try this corrupt video fix tool.

#5)Can I recover my video file?

Yes, you can 100% recover the data of video files using the help of the Video repair tool listed above. You can also fix multiple corrupted video files and save time. Besides that, using the help of a free trial version, this software repair video file and also provides a free file preview option to ensure the originality of this program for further use.

#6)How to fix video files captured by drones?

You can easily repair video shot with drones. This app fixes CCTV, iPhone, iOS, iPad, Android, and other phones.

#7)How I can save the repaired video file?

You can save the finally repaired video file at any location of your choice as per your suitability and requirement.

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