How to Recover Video, Audio, Photos using Mac Data Recovery Software

Popular Digital Media Mac Data Loss Use Cases

“Is Deleted Videos Files Recovery possible on Mac OS?

Is there any professional digital media recovery software available, which recover the videos and audios files on SD card when connected to my iMac computer? I have tried a free macOS data recovery program but didn’t get satisfied results.


The above discussed is a very similar thread for an article found on professional Apple digital media loss forums and blogs. Therefore, to help the Macintosh user I have written a detailed article about digital media files recovery and how to undelete video, audio and pictures using Data Recovery Mac Software.

Overview of Digital Media Recovery on Apple Mac Computer System

Digital media recovery module of Mac data recovery software is one of the most powerful options to retrieve deleted or lost videos, photos files. Using the help of inbuilt drive scanning mode, the software scan the entire Mac hard disk drive and display the recoverable pictures, audio and videos file format on the user screen.


How to Recover Video, Audio, Photos using Mac Digital Media Recovery Software


Some of the recoverable digital media files using the help of this data recovery software are:-

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • ASF
  • WAV
  • MP4
  • MP3
  • TIFE
  • 3GP
  • PSD
  • PSP
  • MOV
  • And many others…

Important Note before using Deleted Mac Digital Media Recovery Software

Once the digital media document files get deleted from the Mac hard disk drive, then please stop using the Apple computer quickly. As, it will make sure that no new video, audio, etc. files will be overwritten on the hard disk drive and media files recovery become possible using the help of a Best Mac File Undelete Software.

Major Digital Media Files Loss Reason on Mac Machine 

Below are some of the primary reasons, which are responsible for the audio, pictures, and video files loss from the internal Macintosh hard drive.

 1. Digital Media Files Lost/Deleted due to Malware or Virus Attack on the Mac Drive

2. Videos Files Loss due to Mechanical Damages on Mac Internal Hard Drive

3. Photos Files Loss Error due to the Power Failure Problem on Mac

4. Mac Hard Drive Theft having Digital Media Files Stored

5. Software Corruption Give Digital-Media-Loss Issues

6. Natural Disaster i.e. Floods, Fire, Earthquake Responsible for Digital Media Files Loss Problem

7. Digital Media Files Loss due to Internal Hardware or Mac System Malfunctioning

How to Recover Deleted Digital Media Files on Mac Hard Drive?

Deleted digital files recovery from Apple hard drive is possible after following below-mentioned steps:-

1st Step: To perform the safe recovery of digital files, first you need to download and install this macOS Digital Media Data Recovery Software.

2nd Step: Now, open the user interface of Mac digital data recovery tool and choose the appropriate data recovery option and finally the necessary ‘Scanning Mode’ option as shown in the below digital files recovery screenshot:-

Best Mac Digital Media Recovery user interface for file recovery

Finally, click on the ‘Start Scan’ button to initiate the Mac Apple drive-scanning process for multimedia files retrieval.

3rd Step: The Mac digital data recovery software will start the hard drive scanning process and displays the final scanned media files results on the user-monitor.

Mac drive scanning process using Best Mac Digital Media Recovery

4th Step: After the completion of the digital media files recovery scanning process, the Mac data recovery app will help the user to preview lost multimedia files before its final recovery.

5th Step: In order to preview deleted Mac videos/audio/photo files, double-click on any of these files from the left pane to preview its content on the right screen of Mac.

6th Step: The Mac digital files recovery software program also helps the user to retrieve deleted pictures/audio and video files from their Mac hard drive quite successfully. To recover the invisible multimedia files from Mac drive, click on a particular video or audio files and then select the ‘Recover’ button to retrieve the data securely.

7th Step: Once the 6th step of Mac Digital Media Recovery process gets completed, the software will give a message to “Choose Drive for Digital Media Files Saving”.

Here, a Mac user needs to make sure that destination location should not be same as the one from where you are recovering deleted media files.

8th Step: Finally, the digital data recovery for Mac application software displays a message indicating the data saving process on the HD had been finished.

Final-Conclusion: The Apple Best Mac OS Digital Media Recovery Software mentioned in the above article acts as a Mac File Rescue Tool when it comes to retrieving the multimedia files. If you find Digital Multimedia Mac Recovery Program useful, then please share your view in the comment section.

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