10 Best Mac Data Recovery Software of 2020

Free Download Top 10 Best Mac Data Recovery Software

Summary:- Check TechSoftwareLogic compiled List of Top 10 Free Mac Data Recovery Software to ensure that you recover the lost or deleted files quickly. All the free mac data recovery tools have been checked and tested for various parameters like features, data recovery algorithms, ratings, reviews, and pricing. You can easily recover the music, video, pictures, emails, and other important docs with 100% guarantee. Only when you are satisfied with the free features offered by these data recovery apps, get the upgraded version to unlock all the benefits.

Data loss issues are more frequent these days. It can cost individuals and businesses loads of money if not recovered in time. That’s why it’s important to equip your PC with a file recovery app. By using a free mac data recovery software, you can retrieve the lost data on Mac.

The internet is filled with hundreds of data recovery tools for Mac. In case you aren’t sure which software serves the purpose, it’s crucial to know the features of a perfect data recovery software tool.

  • Recovers file-format, i.e. video, document, audio, photo, and email.
  • Compatible with all devices and file systems.
  • Comes with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Backed up with a customer support team that will answer all your queries in a timely manner.

List of Top 10 Free Mac Data Recovery Software

Now, let’s take a look at the list of top 10 data recovery software. With these free Mac data recovery tools, you can restore all your important data.

#1)TechSoftwareLogic for Mac

TechSoftwareLogic has introduced its Mac Data Recovery Software that is free to download. It recovers video, photo, email, document, music, and multimedia files on Mac.

Mac Data Recovery is an award-winning software that can solve all kinds of data loss issues. It is a 100% safe and accurate data recovery program for Mac-Mini, MacBook Pro, Mac-pro, iMac, and MacBook Air. The software has some unique data recovery features that make it stand out from the regular data recovery tools.

TechSoftwareLogic recovers deleted data files intact. So, there are no changes to the original data once the recovery process is complete. Mac Recovery Software uses its inbuilt data recovery algorithm to ensure that the documents are recovered intact.

Its empty Mac Trash Recovery feature helps in recovering lost or deleted email, zip, video, documents, and other file types. TechSoftwareLogic has listed Undelete Mac Files that you can use to restore lost or deleted partitions. The Digital Media File Recovery features can solve your multimedia file loss issue. It makes sure that the end-user retrieves their lost file within minutes.

The Mac Data Recovery Software can also recover files from an external hard-drive. All you have to do is to download and install this software on Mac, and following that, it will retrieve all lost or deleted files within minutes.

#2)DiskDrill Data Recovery Software

You don’t have to be a professional or a tech-expert, to use Disk Drill Data Recovery. It is easy to use as this. It can deliver unmatched results. The software supports more than 300 different file formats.

It is its one-click scanning which makes it more accessible than the other tools. You only have to click once to start with the recovery process. 

#3)TestDisk for Data Recovery on Mac

TestDisk is also a great option when it comes to recovering data from Mac. Albeit, it doesn’t have a well-designed interface like DiskDrill, users can navigate through it without getting intimidated. This is because TestDisk doesn’t have a graphical user interface. It comes with a powerful data recovery algorithm that supports all file systems.

Don’t just get scared by the command-line interface. This is a cross-platform tool that can also make non-booting disk bootable.

#4)Lazesoft Recovery Software for Mac

This data recovery software is jam-packed with features. It can be used for a heavily damaged file system. The free file recovery tool lets you recover unlimited lost data without any financial investment.

Albeit, this software has been around for a long time, many users haven’t heard of it yet. You can run a fast or deep scan to recover damaged, deleted, or lost partitions. What’s more, you can look through the files even when the scan is in progress.

#5)M3 Mac Data Recovery Tool for Mac

M3 Mac data recovery software is a powerful application that comes with an intuitive recovery process. It has 2 different scanning modes Deep Scan and Quick Scan. The former action might take hours to be complete, but it delivers the best results.

The software has a clean user interface that has been designed as per Apple’s guidelines. Its pre-recovery preview function lets you check the deleted files before being recovered.

#6)PhotoRec Recovery Software for Mac

This is a companion product of TestDisk. PhotoRec specializes in recovering lost images from the hard drive, USB flash drives, memory card, and various other storage devices.

It is a general-purpose file recovery software that supports over 480 file extensions. However, this software has visual elements to guide you through the file recovery process.

#7)iSkysoft Data Recovery

Recovering lost files is not an easy process, but with iSkysoft software, you can retrieve your lost files and documents without any hassle. It involves a 3-step process.

Even if a user is a recovery tool for the first time, he or she will not encounter any problem. The free version lets you recover up to 1GB of data.

#8)Recoverit Data Recovery Tool for Mac

With Recoverit, users can recover data with just three steps. It can restore files from Trash, accidentally formatted disk, and data-loss due to malware attack. The software supports hundreds of file types that include an image, popular video, document, and audio formats.

#9)Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

This free data recovery tool for Mac supports all types of file systems. It has a plethora of recovery options, and all of them are available for free. The app can also recover mountable storage devices. However, the only drawback is it comes with an outdated user-interface.

#10)EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS is one of the best Mac data recovery software applications that are available for free. The free version will allow users to restore 2GB of data. Use it to recover files on Mac desktops, notebooks, USB drives, hard drives, memory cards, etc. This tool can recover data in just 3 steps.

Final Verdict

After researching and using all the Mac data recovery tools features in this article, we have come to the conclusion that TechSoftwareLogic is the best one. It consistently delivers excellent outcomes and makes data restoring accessible to everyone.

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