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Summary:- Deleted important Mac files accidentally? Emptied Mac Trash without restoring the much-needed files? Formatted your Mac volume without planning? If the answer to those questions is ‘Yes’ and you wish to recover your precious data, you don’t have to look far. Help is right here in the form of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software. This technically advanced software is the ultimate solution to Mac data loss issues and works diligently to restore lost documents, photos, videos, audio, emails, etc. within a few mouse clicks.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery- Free Best Software to Recover Deleted Mac Files 2020

Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software (previous known as Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery) is one of the most popular data recovery software for Apple Mac OS X users to undelete files and folders. This Free to Download Mac Data Recovery Tool resolve all kind of data loss problems and retrieve everything from the Mac computer machine. Some of the key features of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery are listed below.

Mac Data Recovery Premium

  • Supports complete data recovery from SSDs, lost volumes, corrupt drives, and unmounted USBs
  • Restores Mac files lost from MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro
  • Offers Mac Data Recovery from Time Machine, Fusion Drive, encrypted and NTFS drives
  • Utilizes superior ‘file signature-based’ recovery algorithms to restore different file types
  • Compatible with macOS Mojave 10.14, High Sierra 10.13, Sierra 10.12 and other older version of Apple Mac OS X up to 10.
  • Support APFS, HFS, NTFS, HFS+ File System on Mac

Major Features of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Below I have listed all the most important features and functionality of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software.

1)Lost/Deleted Mac Volume Recovery

If you’re unable to spot your Mac volume, chances are, it might be corrupted or accidentally deleted. In such a scenario, all the data stored on that particular volume can become inaccessible. But with Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery “Can’t Find Volume” feature, recovering missing Mac volumes becomes a matter of a few clicks. You can even find missing BootCamp partitions with this feature.

2)Supports Various Mac Devices for Data Recovery on Mac

Need assistance with your data lost from Mac SSD or fusion drive? Don’t panic! Stellar Phoenix Mac-Data-Recovery is here to help. Powered by advanced algorithms, this reliable product restores data deleted from a variety of devices including hard drives, fusion drives, SSDs, SD cards, USB flash drives, etc. The latest version of the software supports data recovery from the APFS file system for macOS High Sierra, Mojave.

3)Recovers Permanently Deleted Files from Mac OS

Mac files can be permanently lost if you use the “Option + Command + Delete” buttons at once or empty your Mac Trash folder without taking a backup. In such cases, even native Mac OS tools can’t recover deleted files. But this software can! It ensures that you regain access to your permanently deleted files in their original format.

4)Tackles Toughest Mac Data Loss Scenarios

Regardless of how you lost your data – unplanned volume format, Time Machine Backup corruption, or accidental/intentional deletion – you won’t have to trouble your mind thinking of a way to recover your files. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Mac OS X will do the job for you and that too with finesse. The software’s multiple scanning options make sure all your lost Mac files are restored at the desired location.

5)Customizable Mac Hard Drive Scanning

The software gives you an option to customize the hard drive scan by file type as well as the location to be scanned. This cuts down the scan time drastically and yields results for recoverable items much faster. It also allows you to preview files before recovery.

6)Interactive GUI (Graphical User Interface)

The easy-to-use interactive GUI makes recovering lost data extremely easy and efficient. Through a simple 3-step process – select, scan, recover – this software makes sure you don’t stay away from your data for long.

7)Mac Hard Drive Clone & Health Monitoring

An attractive feature of this product is the S.M.A.R.T Drive Monitor which keeps a real-time track of drive attributes like temperature, drive health, and performance to help avoid data loss situations due to hard drive failure.

8)Mac Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Imaging

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Tool allows users to create a disk image of failing hard drives so that you can salvage all information while you still can. Such an image can be used for faster recovery of data eliminating the risk of data loss.

How to Recover Deleted Mac Data using Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software in 2020?

Deleted Mac Files Recovery using Stellar Data Recovery for Mac is possible and much easier after following the below-listed steps properly.

1)First, buy/purchase and install the Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery software on your MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini machine.

2)Now, Select any of these 4 data recovery options for Mac, i.e. “Recover Data”, “Monitor Drive”, “Repair Video”, “Repair Photo”– according to your requirements on Mac OS.

Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software Premium Version

3)To undelete “Documents”, “Emails”, “Video”, “Audio”, “Photo”,  select the desired file types and further click on “Next” button for Mac Data Recovery.

Select Mac File Types for Data Recovery

4)Finally, Stellar Mac data recovery software scans the Mac hard disk drive and provided an unlimited number of deleted Mac recovery. You have to save the recovered files on an external hard drive from the one you are recovering the deleted Mac data.

Mac Data Recovery is Saving the Recoverable Files on the Hard Drive

Final Words About Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Free Try Best Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software on MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini computer machine and bring back deleted/lost/inaccessible files and folders with ease in 2020. Also, share your thoughts about Stellar Data Recovery Mac via the below comment section. In case, you are facing any other Mac-data loss problems or have used Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Mac, then please share your experience with us via the comment section.

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