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TechSoftwareLogic Data Recovery Software Warranty

At TechSoftwareLogic Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to maintaining the privacy of all information that you share with us. Your information or data about your purchases is not sold, distributed, or rented to any third party. We use all such information only to improve your experience of our website, and, with your permission, for sending you information about our products and services.

Please read the below-mentioned points of our Software Warranty to understand how and whether the products you purchase from us are protected under warranty.

1.According to the current international practice, TechSoftwareLogic has the right to set a warranty period for its products. Such a warranty entails an obligation to eliminate any defects in the operation of our software, due to a production fault.

2.During the warranty period, TechSoftwareLogic’s developers must fix all software defects within the agreed time limit, provided that the following conditions are met:

2.1) The customer gives documented evidence of system failure or fault and that the failure occurred due to a development fault

2.2) The customer provides proof of proper usage of software in accordance with the manual

2.3) There has been no unwarranted interference with the software on the part of the customer

2.4) The subject of the customer’s complaint is covered in the requirements specification

3.If any failure is deemed to be on the customer’s part, TechSoftwareLogic will not be held liable to resolve any defects or provide a new version of the software.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

This warranty applies to all software downloaded or purchased from the data recovery company TechSoftwareLogic Pvt. Ltd., India.

1.For each supported software license that a customer acquires, TechSoftwareLogic warrants for 12 months from the date of obtaining the license of the software.

2.Provided that the customer gives TechSoftwareLogic a written notice of breach of the warranty during the warranty period, the data recovery company shall correct any reproducible errors that cause the breach in accordance with its technical support policies.

3.If TechSoftwareLogic is unable to make the software operate as warranted, the customer shall be entitled to any of the following options for redeeming his warranty:  

    3.1) Terminate the software license &recover the fees paid to TechSoftwareLogic for the software license.

     3.2) Repair or replacement of the product that does not meet this limited warranty.

Technical Support Provided by TechSoftwareLogic- Data Recovery Company

This warranty support model is not intended for software that requires a high level of reliability. For such cases, TechSoftwareLogic offers technical support, not as a substitute for a warranty, but as a means of fully satisfying the customer’s needs.

As opposed to a warranty, under technical support our developers commit to eliminating all software defects, including those caused by the customer or those which go beyond the scope of the requirements specification of our software. Technical support may also include providing a hotline, configuring the software, monitoring its functionality, or training staff to work with the product. This action is solely intended to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with the customer for the future. 

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