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Top 10 Best MS Excel File Repair Software

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Overview of MS Excel Repair in Details

Are you searching for the top 10 best Microsoft Excel Database Repair software that can help in the successful implementation of your business work-flow? If the answer to this question is a big “YES”; then there is good news for you. Here at techsoftwarelogic, we have compiled a list of some of the world’s most popular and award-winning best MS Excel Repair software for solving the end business problems.

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List of Top 10 Best MS Excel Database Repair Tool Free Download

Here at techsoftwarelogic, we have reviews and research a lot about the best Excel Database Repair software that can prove helpful for your work. Being a professional user, you need to choose any one of these best Excel Database Repair software after checking all the necessary essential parameters carefully.

#1)Stellar Repair for MS Excel

Stellar Repair for MS Excel is a professional software primarily used to repair corrupted (.XLS and . XLSX) documents and restore every piece of deleted or lost data stored in the Microsoft Excel database. Stellar MS Excel recovery tool all sort of corruption problems that include “unreadable content error’, ‘un-recognizable Excel file format’, ‘MS Excel file is corrupt and can’t be opened further’ etc. to name a few. It provides a very easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) and 3 simple steps recovery process. Select the corrupted MS Excel file>> Fix the corruption problem & preview it>> Finally, save & recovered the Excel data items.

Key features of Stellar MS Excel Repair Tool

  • Retrieve every piece of lost or inaccessible data items stored in MS Excel, i.e. visual representations, tables, rows, columns, Pivot tables, charts, formula, photos, etc.
  • Repair the freeze panes, gridlines, and other Excel properties intact with 100% accuracy
  • Helps MS Excel user in retaining the original Excel document properties
  • Repair and Recover data from any size corrupted or damaged MS Excel worksheet
  • Also, fix multiple hundreds of Excel files in bulk via Batch Repair Process
  • Provide a free preview of all the recoverable data items
  • Full compatible with Microsoft Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & 2000
  • Support MS Excel file repairing on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

List of MS Excel File Error That Can be Solved After using Excel Repair Tool from Stellar

  • Fix broken MS-Excel
  • Inaccessible Excel file
  • Corrupt Spreadsheet of Excel
  • Damaged MS Excel File
  • Recover Excel sheet after crash
  • Protected workbook
  • Virus or Malware Infected Excel-workbook
  • Excel file with Locked cell

#2)Kernel for MS Excel Repair Software

Kernel MS Excel Repair Software is the 2nd option in this list that can be repair single and multiple corrupted Microsoft Excel worksheets. It repairs & restores all the lost/deleted/inaccessible MS-Excel data by maintaining a high level of data integrity & security and also supports all the Excel versions including the latest one’s. In order to restore data back using Kernel Excel repair too, you don’t need any technical knowledge. Simply follow the onscreen instructions step-wise.

Main features of Kernel MS Excel Repair

  • Solve all the MS Excel sheet errors at once
  • Also fix the encrypted or password protected MS Excel file
  • Provides dual file recovery modes to Excel users
  • Provides free preview of all the data stored in MS Excel before final recovery
  • Retrieve all the MS Excel necessary elements i.e. hyperlinks, OLE Objects, Rows, Columns, etc.
  • Repair .XLSX and .XLS file formats

#4)SysTools Excel Recovery Software

SysTools MS Excel Recovery is a top-rated software by MVP, IT Administrations, DBA to repair the corrupt/damaged Excel Worksheet or Spreadsheet that is being created in Excel 2016, 2019, 2007, 2003, 2010, 2016, versions. SysTool is a powerful, secure, reliable, and most popular utility that is developed using high-level advanced file repairing algorithms to recover an unlimited number of data from MS Excel worksheets. It resolves all types of corruption problems found in the Microsoft Excel DB.

Major features of SysTools MS Excel Recovery

  • Auto-detect corrupted MS Excel and restore multiple sheets in a single click
  • Repair MS Excel file of MS Office 2019, 2007, 2016, 2013, 2010
  • Provide a free preview of all the Excel objects graphical charts, images, pivot table, etc.
  • Retrieve Excel documents After Crash
  • Solve the internal Fatal MS Worksheet Error

#5)Recovery for MS Excel

#6)Recoveryfix for MS Excel

#7)ExcelFIX Software for MS Excel Recovery

#8)Recovery Toolbox for Excel

#9)Excel Repair Toolbox

#10)DiskInternals Excel Recovery

Do you want to repair corrupted MS Excel, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice worksheet in a single mouse click, then choose DiskInternal MS Excel Recovery Software? DiskInternal Excel Recovery is another trustworthy and reliable option in this list of top MS Excel repair & recovery software that solve different type of corruption errors found in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. DiskInternals scans both internal and external hard disks for repairing the Excel file and to restore all the data stored in Microsoft-Excel.

Essential features of Disk-Internal MS Excel Recovery Program

  • Support different popular file system that includes ExFAT, NTFS, FAT, HFS, Ext2/3/4, APFS, HFS+
  • MS Excel recovery from ODS, XLSX, SDW, XLS, etc. file extensions
  • Final recovered MS Excel can be saved on any disk (internal & external)
  • Allows end user to retrieves multiple Excel files at once
  • Recovers both unsaved and accidentally deleted Excel files

MS Excel File Repair Software- Free Download to Fix Corrupted XLS/XLSX File

This Microsoft Excel Repair Software is an excellent utility to fix a corrupted Microsoft Excel file and helps the user to regain access to the lost Excel DB.

  • Data Recovery of the table, image, formula, filter, etc.
  • Ability to recover multiple XLS sheet simultaneously
  • Keep the Excel-sheet formatting and other necessary properties intact
  • Supports MS Excel versions: 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & 2000
  • Helpful in fixing all type of Excel-file corruption errors
  • Available in both Mac and Windows versions

Key Features of Best MS Excel File Repair Application

Some of the notable features provided by this MS Excel Repair Tool are: –

1)Easy & Secure Repairing of Excel Database File

If a user has some large size MS Excel file; then there are more chances that-Excel file got often corrupted. It will further create severe data loss problems that no user wants. So; to solve this issue, you can use Excel repair. This app deals properly with all types of Excel corruption errors and resolves them using the help of its inbuilt algorithms.

Note: This Excel repair app acts as a data saviour for those users who are facing Excel-corruption problems & want to regain lost data access.

2)Ultimate Tool to Retrieve Every Piece of Data from MS Excel File

The Excel file repair helps a user in getting all the relevant Excel file parameters like charts, hyperlinks, graphs, text, layout, any formula used, restrictive rules, etc. intact after the repairing of the Microsoft Excel database. In simple terms, all the data that exists inside the corrupted Excel sheet will remain safe and secure after download and using this Excel repair program.

3)Use an Improved and Simple UI

When compared with other Excel repair software available in the market, this Excel Repair have a much simpler & easy to use interface. This is because its UI has been designed using the help of modern interface development tools & languages. After using this software, you will get top quality results without any change in the original Excel sheet.

4)Recover Excel Worksheet Along with Unique Properties

A user can run this Excel repair software on any of the major operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android. You will get all the properties intact once the fixing process had been completed. Free download top-rated MS Excel repair tool to fix corrupt XLS/XLSX and restore Excel worksheet along with unique properties.

5)Provide User with Secure Files & Folder Selection Option

This Excel repair tool has been developed with only one motto, i.e. to provide error-free MS Excel data after fixing. Both of these options, i.e. ‘Find File’, ‘Search file’ are helpful in quickly repairing damaged Excel files and that is too without any kind of error.

6)Helps User to Preview MS Excel DB

This Excel Repair Program helps users to preview content stored inside the MS Excel after repairing process gets completed. Using the help of this feature, a user can check whether the data that exists inside Excel DB is the same or not as found in the original file.

7)Provide Safe Excel File Repairing Option for End-User

This MS Excel Repair Tool provides a completely safe repairing of Excel files without any change in the files or folders. However, before using this software, one needs to follow the necessary criteria:

1.Close all the other MS Office-related files like Word, PPT, Access, etc.
2.You need to install the “Analysis ToolPak” add-on (extension)

8)Resolve MS Excel File Corruption problem

This app successfully resolves all types of Excel corruption problems found in XLS. It is also a reliable software to solve “Excel can’t open the file filename.xls” and rescue data.

9)Software Compatibility and Support

This application for MS Excel Repair works properly both on Mac and Windows OS. Below are listed the major operating system and their corresponding version while using this Excel file repair tool.

For Windows
1.Operating system: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and NT
2.MS Excel support: 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2000

For the Mac System
1.Operating system supported: Mac OS X 10.5 and macOS High Sierra 10.13
2.MS Excel support: 2011 and 2008

How to Repair Corrupt Excel Files Using MS Excel Database Repair Software?

1)First download and install the MS Excel Database Repair Software on Windows OS.

2)Now, double-clicking on the user interface will open this Excel repair tool. Here, click on “Ok” to proceed further.

3)In the 3rd step, this Repair Excel Tool for Mac and Windows provides users 3 different options to repair the damaged Excel sheet, i.e. “Select File”, “Select Folder”, “Search File”.

4)After selecting the Excel document, this MS Excel repair application will display all the corrupted Excel files for further repairing as shown in the below screenshot. Just check these below-mentioned options as per requirements:-

1) “Select All” to fix all the searched data
2) The total number of files found on the hard disk
3) And, the complete list of searched files

5)In the 5th step, you can choose the complete list of corrupted Excel files for further repair. Now, choose the scan process to initiate the Excel repair process.

6)The MS Excel database repair software will repair all the selected files and give a free file preview option.

7)The software to repair and recover corrupt MS Excel-file provides an option to save the finally fixed Excel at a location of user choice.

MS Excel Repair Software Specifications

Supported Versions:

Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Supported File Systems: MS Excel versions: 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & 2000

System Requirements:

Processor: Pentium Class

RAM: 256 MB Minimum

Hard disk: 50 MB of free space

Software Interface Language:
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

License Types:

Single User License: Can use only on a single system;

Technician License: Can use the software on multiple systems at a single location

Version: 5.5

Software License Delivery:
Electronic: Yes

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