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Top 10 Best MS Access Database Repair Software

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Overview of MS Access Repair in Details

Do you want to know which is the best MS Access database repair tool in the market that successfully fixes all sorts of corrupted MS Access database files and brings back all the lost data? If yes, then must check this TechSoftwareLogic compiled in-depth and well research list of top 10 best MS Access repair software free download full version to resolve the internal file corruption problems and perform 100% successful data recovery. You can repair your corrupt MDB, ACCDB files of the Microsoft Access database after using these Access recovery apps.

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In today’s technology world, Microsoft Access is one of the most popular database programs developed by Microsoft Corporation for its end users. This database application is used for storing data in different file formats i.e. ACCDB, MDB.  However, being a popular database program for PC and macOS users, MS-Access can often give Below, we have discussed some of the most common corruption reasons for Microsoft Access DB file.

List of Top 10 Best MS Access Database Repair Software

Use the right product for MS Access repair from the below options and restore all the lost data back from MS Access.

#1)Stellar MS-Access Database Repair Software

Stellar MS Access Repair is the most popular Access database repair software on this list. Using the help of powerful inbuilt algorithms, it identifies & fixes the Access-DB file corruption errors. Also, it provides support for MS-Access 2019, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, etc.

Some of the exciting features of the Stellar MS Access file repair tool are:

  • Option to find and fix a selected database table
  • Secure and reliable Access-repair tool
  • Recover all the relationship exists in the MS database file
  • Show preview of the item after scanning of Access file gets completed
  • Save the data to any location inside the user computer hard drive or external drive

#2)Cimaware Access Database Repair Tool

AccessFIX is another popular database repair program from Cimaware company. It provides complete Access data recovery within 10 minutes and lets a user access the lost data.

Some of the notable features of AccessFIX database repair software are:

  • Linked table recovery
  • Full recovery of password protected Access-file
  • Better usability
  • Multi-language support
  • Complete Microsoft Access table and records retrieval tool

#3)SysInfoTools MS Access Recovery Software

The Microsoft Access file repair tool provided by SysInfoTools is the 3rd software in this which can be used to fix corrupted or damaged Access-file of any size. It fixes MDB and ACCDB files & restores the OLB, BLOB data-type files on the computer.

Some of the key features provided by this software have been written below:

  • Support all kind of file header corruption error
  • Show preview of Access file before its final recovery
  • Support all version of MS Access and Windows OS including the latest version
  • Feature-rich software
  • Option to Generate & save the finally generated Log file
  • Console based version is also available for advanced Microsoft Access users

#4)MS Access Repair Tool by

Access drive toolbox software repairs any type of damaged MDB or ACCDB file. This Free to Download Access repair and recovery utility scans damaged database files and gives better results. Though; this is an excellent tool for Access file repairing; but it lacks in handling the advanced Access corruption errors i.e. macros, forums, modules, password-protected files.

Some of the key features provided by Access drive-toolbox are:-

  • Fix linked table
  • Repair queries
  • Preview repaired files after running the file repair application
  • Selective file saving option for the end Windows OS user

#5)DiskInternals Access recovery Tool

#6)Kernel for Access Database Repair

#7)Recovery Toolbox for Access Application

#8)DataNumen Access Repair Software

#9)SysTools Access Recovery Software

#10)Perfect Data Solutions Access Database Repair

Most Common Reasons for MS Access Database Corruption

√ Multi-user access to MS-Access file different kinds of internal corruption problems which further create data inaccessibility error. The corruption in Access-can happens due to various reasons. 

√ Improper Access-database design

√ Malware infection

√ Hardware or software problems

√ Power failure problem while MS-Access file was in use

√ Internal software program corruption problem during the use of Access-DB

Most Popular MS Access Database Error Messages

♥ Invalid bookmark

♥ Unrecognized Access database file-format

♥ Invalid page fault or GPF while opening the Access database

♥ The database ‘text.mdb’ need to be fixed

♥ Random loss of MS Access database table

Helpful Steps to Improve MS Access Overall Performance

  • Try to normalize the Access-table
  • Remove useless datasheets from the Access file
  • Use only necessary applications on the computer hard disk
  • Install the latest Microsoft Office Access version pack
  • Try to make sure that each MS Access database table has a primary key

Helpful Tricks to Repair a Corrupted MS Access Database and Recover Data

Sometimes, despite implementing all the precautions, Access-file becomes inaccessible, and we stand at a point of data loss. In such cases, repairing the Access DB will become the ultimate option for end-users.

Many users who face corrupted Access file problems, want to know the best solution using which they can Repair an MS-Access File and do further work. So, to help them; we have shared a list of  Top 10 Best MS Access-Database Repair Applications which can prove helpful in fixing the database corruption problems.

MS Access Database Repair Software- Fix the Corrupt ACCDB/MDB Files

This MS Access Database Repair Software is a professional application that is primarily used for recovering all the MS Access database objects. It repairs and recovers all the MS Access database table, queries, relations, rows, columns, etc. intact.

  • Support for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.
  • Support with MS Access 2016, 2013, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 etc.
  • Ability to fix any size MDB and ACCDB files of Microsoft Access database
  • Ability to retrieve data from a password protected MS Access file
  • Repair & recover all the linked table with another Access-DB

Useful Features of MS Access Database Repair Software

TechSoftwareLogic MS Access Database Repair-Software uses inbuilt database fixing algorithms and scans password-protected files efficiently.

1)Complete Software for Access Database Repair

This Access database repair utility securely fixes a damaged MDB and ACCDB files from the Microsoft Access DB. The application program resolves all database errors arise due to hardware components error, table corruption, internal software application conflicts, power failure, etc.

2)Easy to Use Feature Using “Ribbon” Arrangements

The Access repair tool is a simple and secure application when compared with its competitors. All the necessary options for using this software are sequentially available in Ribbon arrangement mode. Some of the important features of this MS Access file repair tool are:-
1.Stop File Repair Option
2.Save the Repaired Access Data
3.Select the Access database for Repairing

3)Data Recovery from the Linked Table in MS Access

In case, if you have previously linked some of your Access database tables with another database software like SQL, MySQL, Oracle, then Repair Access Software also fix those corrupt/damaged files within minutes. This feature improves the overall usability of this Access repair tool.

4)Recover Relationship from Access file

In any database, the relationship plays a very crucial role and removes all the duplicity that exists in the Microsoft Access file. But, this MS Access Repair and Rescue Tool restores the complete database-relationship and makes it back to a regular state for further use on the computer hard drive.

5)Repair MS Access Database Corruption Problem

The Access DB repair software has been designed and developed to handle all sorts of Access file corruption problems. Some of the most common Microsoft Access database corruption errors resolved by this Access-file repair tool includes:-
1.Microsoft Jet Database engine failed to find the selected objects in MS Access
2.Unrecognized database file format
3.MDB is not a database file

6)Compatibility and Support

The utility for Access repairing also provides support with the below mentioned Microsoft Products:
1.MS Access: 2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007/ 2003/ 2002/ 2000
2.Operating System: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7/ Vista / 2003 / XP

7)Provide a Free Preview of Database Access Files

Once this Access file repair software application finished the scanning process, a user can easily preview all the necessary files before final repairing. After fixing, this software display the database items in two different columns, i.e. ‘Table Data,’ ‘Column Information.’ Download Free Best Access Database Repair Software to restore complete Table Data and Column Information intact on the computer hard disk.

8)Option to Find Specific Items from the Scanned Results

The software to repair corrupt Access files provides the end-user with a helpful option, i.e. ‘Find Files in Tree’. This option will further help in searching a particular file instead of selecting the complete files after the completion of the scanning process. From there on, an MS Office user can view those required files and preview them to get the originality of the data. This feature proves a time savior for the end-user.

9)Helps in Saving the Fixed Access File

Once the Access File repairing process gets completed, you can save the fixed file at any location or hard-drive. It can be either on the local hard drive or online storage.

How to Fix Corrupt MS Access Files using Access Repair Software?

1)First purchase and install the MS Access Database Repair Software on the Windows computer system.

2)Here, double-click on the software icon to launch its user interface. Now, select/search the corrupted Access database file to begin the repairing process.

3)In the 3rd step, this Access repair tool will list down all the searched Access files from the Windows hard disk drive. Here, you need to only choose the corrupted files for further repairing and to recover data.

4)In the 4th step, the Access file repairing process gets starts automatically. The software also generates a detailed log report for further analysis.

5)Once the corrupt Access file repairing process completed, the software will provide users with a free file preview of database objects.

6)A free preview of “Table 1” will be displayed on the screen. Here, you will see full rows and columns information.

7)In this step, the software to fix corrupted MS Access files will help a user to save the repaired Access file at a particular location on the computer drive.

8)The Access database table saving process get display on the screen.

9)Finally, this Access database repair software will fix all the corrupted database tables. Finally, click “Ok” and switch to some other database.

MS Access Database Repair Software Specifications

Supported Versions:
Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP

Supported File Systems: MS Access 2016, 2013, 2010, and all previous versions

System Requirements:
Processor: Pentium Class

RAM: 1 GB Minimum

Hard disk: 50 MB of Free Space

Software Interface Language:
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

License Types:
Single User License: Can use only on a single system;

Technician License: Can use the software on multiple systems at a single location

Version: 5.5

Software License Delivery:

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