Top 5 Best Mac Data Rescue Software Free Try

Top 5 Best Mac Data Rescue Software Free Trial

Summary:- The below TechSoftwareLogic article shares with you a complete list of the top 5 Best Mac data rescue software free trial versions to undelete lost Mac files. Deleted Mac file recovery from virus attack, power failure, hard drive formatting, empty Mac Trash, is now possible after using these free Mac data rescue software. So, move further and try any one of these apps on your MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook Air.

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List of Top 5 Best Mac Data Rescue Software Free Download

Free try the best Mac data rescue software from the below options and restore your deleted or lost digital memories back to the Mac hard drive.

#1)Prosoft Engineering Mac Data Rescue Software Free Trial

Prosoft Mac data rescue is the #1 software in the world for restoring deleted files back and regaining access to the lost data items. You can free download the data rescue on your Mac machine to scan the selected drive. After that, this app provides a free file preview before their final recovery. In case you are 100% sure about the software working and functionality, you can spend $89 to recover all your lost files back. The Mac data rescue software scan SD card, SSD drive, internal Mac HD, memory card, and any other storage devices when connecting with Mac.

#2)TechSoftwareLogic Mac Data Rescue Software Application

TechSoftwareLogic for Mac Data Rescue is an award-winning software solution to recover deleted files from virtually any data storage media. It utilizes complex data recovery algorithms to recover deleted Mac files from any type of data loss causes. TechSoftwareLogic also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and undelete video, email, archive, pictures, and other files on Mac OS X or macOS machine.

#3)Recoverit Mac Hard Drive Rescue Software

Recoverit is another reliable Mac data rescue software in this list that provides a free download option to the end-user. Using this feature, you can scan your targeted hard drive and also get a free file preview of lost items. Using the help of Recoverit free version, you can restore files up to 100MB entirely free of cost. However, for increasing the file recovery limit up to GB, you need to spend $79. Recoverit also provides 24*7 customer technical support and detailed documentation about how to undelete Mac.

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#4)EaseUS Data Rescue Software for Mac

In case you are looking to recover deleted files on Mac, then EaseUS Mac data rescue is another viable software in this list. Using the help of the free trial version, you can restore files up to 2GB for completely free of cost without spending any money. For recovering deleted Mac files, you need to buy EaseUS Mac data rescue software for just $89 along with plenty of other benefits. EaseUS software works smoothly with HFS, HFS+, FAT, ExFAT, APFS file system, and provides recovery both from internal and external drives when connecting with Mac OS X or macOS.

#5)Stellar Data Rescue for Mac Software 

Stellar Data Recovery or Data Rescue for Mac Software is the last option in this list that undelete files or folders both from internal HDD and externally connected storage devices. Stellar data recovery provides Mac users with 2 different solutions, i.e. “Professional” and “Premium” to bring back deleted or lost files on the Mac machine. Further, you can take the benefits of advanced level features of this software that include TimeMachine backup recovery, deleted partition recovery, Empty Mac Trash Recovery, corrupted drive repair, and video/photo repair, etc. to name a few.

Final Words

Data loss problems on Mac can happen with anyone and at any point of time during the normal use of MacBook Air, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, iMac machine. However, you don’t need to panic. Thanks to the Mac data recovery apps available on TechSoftwareLogic Online Store that provide quick file restoration from every type of data storage media in minutes. Simply use any one of these top 5 best Mac data rescue software with Free Trail and restore deleted or lost files intact.

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