Free Download Best “Mac Data Recovery” Software to Recover macOS Files

The Mac Data Recovery Software is an award-winning data recovery application to rescue pictures, music, videos, email, and various other files from the Apple Mac hard disk drive or volume. This Data Recovery Mac Tool provides supports with all the major macOS file system, i.e. NTFS, HFS, APFS, HFS+, FAT, etc.

  • Best Mac Data RecoverySoftware for Apple macOS High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, and Other Older Mac OS X Versions
  • 100% Data Recovery from MacBook Pro, Mac-Mini, iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook Air
  • Unique Features like Encrypted Drive Recovery, TimeMachine Backup Recovery, Deleted or Inaccessible Partition Recovery, RAW Recovery, Digital Media Files Recovery etc.
  • Award-Winning Data Recovery Software for macOS on Popular Apple Mac Forums and Certain Other Software Submission Websites
  • Provides Digital Multimedia Recovery like Documents, Pictures, Video, Audio, Archive on macOS
  • Support Apple Data Mac Recovery from Externally Connected Hard Disk-Drive like Samsung, Toshiba, Western Digital, Hitachi etc.
Mac Data Recovery Software-Professional Version || Useful Features

This Software for Data Recovery on Mac is popular for providing unique and world class features like Deleted/Lost Partition or Volume Recovery, External Drive Mac-Data Recovery, RAW Recovery, Digital Media Recovery, Time Machine Backup Drive Recovery, etc. Below are listed some of the most essential features provided by world #1 Free to Download "Best Mac Data Recovery Software".

Mac Trash Recovery Software

The Mac Trash Recovery Tool provides complete recovery of lost or deleted ZIP, Email, Document, Video, Pictures, Audio and Various other files type from the Empty Trash folder of macOS. To retrieve the data from "Empty Mac Trash," one just need to buy and use this data recovery application on Mac machine.

Data Recovery from Mac Hard Drive

This Free to Download Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Software also provides the file-retrieval facility from all kind of data loss problems. The Mac Drive Data Undelete Program uses the inbuilt powerful data recovery algorithms to make sure that all the documents/files/folder gets recovered intact without any change in the original data.

Command + Shift + Option + Delete Operation Mac Data Recovery Application

Many times, during the regular use of a Mac system, accidentally pressing the wrong (Command + Shift + Option + Delete) Keys will results in the data loss problem. In such kind of data loss situation, this Command + Shift + Option + Delete Key Data Recovery on Mac Software comes in use, and it retrieves all the Apple macOS files with 100% accuracy.

Bad Sector Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Data Loss due to the bad sector on Mac is always a nightmare for any users. Once the data gets lost or hard drive become inaccessible due to bad sector, then a professional Bad Sector Mac Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Software is the ultimate possible solution to retrieve those lost files/folder back. The Data Rescue Mac Tool discussed above successfully retrieves files loss problems occurs due to the bad-sector on Mac-HD.

Recovers Deleted or Lost Partition from macOS Machine

This Best Free to Download Mac Data Recovery Software can also be used to retrieve the deleted or lost Mac Partition/Volume. The Deleted/Lost Mac Partition Recovery Application successfully retrieve data from a corrupted, damaged, formatted hard disk drive (HDD) and makes sure that user get access to all their lost files back within minutes. This powerful File Undelete Tool for MAC also provides "Can't Find Volume" option to successfully restore data from such volume or HD on Apple Mac computer. Free Try best macOS data recovery tool to rescue lost/deleted partition.

Digital Media File Recovery Application for macOS

If you are looking for the Best Digital Media Mac Data Recovery Software because of digital-multi media files loss problem, then only use this data recovery utility. The digital media data rescue Mac application provides recovery from the malware attack; data loss situations like mistakenly media files deletion, power failure to name a few. Using the help of advanced hard drive scanning algorithms; this Macintosh data recovery software retrieves video, pictures, info-graphics, audio, PDF, PPT, Excel, Word, Photoshop, In-design, etc. files within minutes.

External Hard Drive (HD) Data Data Recovery on Mac

In case; you are looking for an external drive files recovery utility for Mac, then only trust to this Data Recovery macOS Tool. This External Mac Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Software treats the externally connected drive as a local drive and retrieves all the files stored from external HD. To undelete data from external drive, just connect the external HD with Mac and use this data recovery app on Apple Mac-computer. Free Try this External Hard Drive Data Recovery Mac Software and get lost files back.

RAW Recovery Option to Rescue Mac Files

If you are not able to get the satisfied results even after using the basics file recovery option provided by this software, then you need to try 'RAW Recovery' on Mac option. The RAW Recovery features come useful if the Mac partition/drive got too much corrupted or damaged due to different reasons. This RAW Data Recovery Software for macOS provides option to use 100+different file formats, identifies the missing files, and retrieve them successfully from HD without a single digit change.

Mac Optical Media Data Recovery Application

With the regular use of CD & DVD, small scratches start to appear on CD-DVD drive; and the probability of data loss increases with each scratch on CD-DVD drive. But, using the help of Mac Software for CD-DVD Data Recovery, a Macintosh user can easily retrieve the data from corrupt or damaged CD-DVD. This Mac application provides supports with major macOS file system and successfully rescue data from CD DVD Drive. Further, the Data Recovery on Mac tool eliminates the need of using a separate CD-DVD Data Recovery Software on Mac machine.

Deleted BootCamp Partition Recovery Software

Usually, Mac user's have one of their Mac drive pre-reserved for BootCamp partition. It will let them to use the different operating system like Windows, Linux etc. on the same Mac machine. However, sometimes due to certain problems this BootCamp partition become corrupted or damaged and the data stored on BootCamp partition become inaccessible for the end user. In such cases, Mac BootCamp Partition Data Recovery Software comes as data-rescue and retrieve all the information intacts from BootCamp partition on MAC.

TimeMachine Data Backup Drive Recovery Software

TimeMachine on Mac is one of the best-inbuilt utility that is used to store the hard-drive data. But, there occur certain problems when TimeMachine becomes inaccessible, and files stored in TM get lost. In such cases, this Mac TimeMachine External Backups Drive Data Recovery Softwarecan be used to retrieve the data from an inaccessible TM. Along with providing file recovery facility from TimeMachine (TM), this application also offers support with Apple Time Capsule Recovery.

Encrypted Mac Hard Drive File Recovery

Data-Recovery from a Password Protected Mac Drive is one of the most exciting feature provided by this data rescue utility. File recovery from encrypted drive seems to be an tedious task, but this Mac recovery app provides access to lost files quickly. In order to get back lost/deleted Mac data from the encrypted-drive, a user doesn't need any technical skills. Just purchase this Top macOS data recovery and then use "Encrypted Mac Drive Data Recovery" option to un-delete those useful files back to HD.

Advanced Mac-Drive Scanning Modes for Data Recovery

This software also provides advanced level Mac hard disk-drive scanning option to retrieve the lost, deleted data more effortlessly. For example, if a Mac user has deleted a file mistakenly, then 'Quick Scan' option comes in use. But, if the hard drive of Mac is too much corrupted or you have format the entire drive, then 'Advanced Scan' option comes useful. The software for data macOS recovery uses powerful & inbuilt data-recovery algorithms to helps in restoring the files back on local Mac drive/volume.

Create Disk Image (.DMG) File for Mac Data Recovery

The Data recovery for macOS software also provides user an option to create the full Disk image file (.DMG in short) of selected Mac-hard-drive. This newly created DMG file can be stored either on external or internal hard drive and later used for data recovery purpose on Apple Mac computer like iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air etc. This is one of the most exciting features provided by Data Rescue Mac Application and not available in any other software.

Provide Bootable Mac System Start Up Disk Option

At any point of time, a Mac machine becomes unbootable either due to hard-drive corruption or HD-formatting cases. In such cases, a bootable DVD comes useful to boot the Mac computer Startup volume and retrieve the files from Mac machine. This Mac Software for Data Recovery also helps a user to create & use the bootable Mac DVD for hard drive documents recovery purpose.

Free File Preview Option of Deleted Files on macOS

Using the help of thisFree Mac File Recovery Software, Macintosh user's get a free-file preview of all the recoverable data items from hard drive. The free file preview feature will make sure whether the recoverable files are same as the original one or not. Along with these features, this recovery application also provides a free-preview of corrupted files to stop macOS from any kind of freezing problems.

Provide macOS User's Resume, Stop, Save Options

The Mac Data Recovery Software provides "Resume", "Stop" and "Save" option to recover data more efficiently. Once you finished the Mac-drive scanning process, this world best data recovery for Mac app will create a disk image file (.DMG file), which can be further reloaded at a later stage and used for macOS data recovery purpose.

Easy to Use Graphical User Interface-UI for Mac Data Recovery Purpose

The last and the final most important feature of this Data Mac Recovery ApplicationSoftware is easy to use graphical user interface (or GUI in short). It is easier for both novices as well as professional MAC users to undelete data with different file extension on macOS machine.

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