“Mac Data Recovery “||Best Software Free Download to Recover Deleted Mac Files from Hard Drive in 2019

Free Download Best Mac Data Recovery Software to recovers deleted or lost photos, video, music, emails, documents, archive and other multi-media files from the Apple Mac hard disk drive. The award-winning Data Recovery Software for Mac is an advanced level application to retrieves all type of deleted files from the Mac computer and provides supports with the major macOS file system, i.e. NTFS, HFS, APFS, HFS+, FAT, ExFAT, etc. The world most popular Apple Mac Data Recovery Tool resolve all kind of data-loss problems and make sure that end Mac OS X user retrieve their data with 100% accuracy in a safe manner.

  • Best Mac Data Recovery Software for Apple macOS Catalina 10.15, macOS Mojave 10.14, High Sierra 10.13, Sierra 10.12, El Capitan 10.11, Yosemite 10.10 and Other Older Versions of Mac OS X upto 10.6
  • 100% Free Try Data Recovery Program for MacBook Pro, Mac-Mini, iMac, Mac-Pro, Mac-Book Air
  • Unique Data Recovery Features for macOS like Recovery from Encrypted/Password Protected Hard-Drive, TimeMachine Backup Rescue, Deleted Partition, RAW-Recovery, Digital Media etc.
  • Award-Winning Data Recovery Mac on Popular Apple Mac-Forums and Certain Other Software Submission Websites
  • Provides Digital Multimedia Recovery, i.e. Documents, Pictures, Video, Audio, Archive on macOS
  • Support Data Recovery on Mac from Externally Connected Hard-Disk-Drive like Samsung, Toshiba, Western Digital, Hitachi, etc.
Mac Data Recovery || Software Best Free Key Features

The Software for Mac Data Recovery is popular for providing unique and world-class features like Recovery of Deleted or Lost Mac Partition, External Drive, RAW Recovery, Digital Media (Audio, Video, Photo), TimeMachine Backup-Drive, etc. Below are listed some of the most essential features provided by world #1 Free to Download Best Mac Data Recovery Software of 2019.

Mac Trash Recovery Software

Empty Mac Trash Recovery

The Mac Trash Recovery Software provides recovery of lost or deleted ZIP, Email, Document, Video, Pictures, Audio and Various other files type from the Empty Mac Trash folder. To restore data from the "Empty Mac Trash," Mac OS X user just need to buy and use data recovery app on MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini etc. computer machine. After that sofware will retrieve the deleted files within a few minutes.

Data Recovery from Mac Hard Drive

Mac Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Data Recovery

Free to Download Mac Hard Drive Recovery resolve all kinds of data-loss problems and provide file-retrieval facility with ease. The Mac-Data-Recovery app uses its inbuilt powerful data-recovery algorithms to make sure that video, pictures, music, email and other documents gets recovered intact without any change in the original data. Free try best Mac hard drive data recovery tool to undelete sized file types.

Recovers Deleted or Lost Partition from macOS Machine

Recover Deleted or Lost Partition from macOS Machine

This Data Recovery Program can also be used to retrieve the deleted or lost Partition/Volume. Mac Partition Recovery Application successfully retrieve data from a corrupted, damaged, formatted hard disk drive (HDD) and makes sure that end-user get access to all their lost files back within minutes. This powerful File Undelete Tool for MAC also provides "Can't Find Mac Volume" option to successfully restore data from such volume or HD on Apple Mac computer. Free Try best macOS-data recovery to rescue inaccessible/lost/deleted Macintosh partition.

Digital Media File Recovery Application for macOS

Digital Media File Recovery Software for macOS

If you are looking for a Digital Media Mac Data Recovery Software because of digital-multi media files loss problem, then only use this data recovery utility. The digital media data rescue for Mac application provides recovery from the malware attack; data loss situations like mistakenly media files deletion, power failure to name a few. Using the help of advanced hard drive scanning algorithms; this Mac data recovery software retrieves video, pictures, info-graphics, audio, PDF, PPT, Excel, Word, Photoshop, In-design, etc. files within minutes.

External Hard Drive (HD) Data Recovery on Mac

External Hard Drive (HD) Data Recovery on Mac

In case; you are looking for an external hard-drive files recovery utility for Mac, then only trust on this Data Recovery Mac Tool. The External Mac Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Software treats the externally connected drive as a local drive and retrieves all the files stored from the external HD. To undelete data from the external drive, just connects the external HD with your Mac machine and use this data-recovery app on Apple Mac-computer. Free Try Top External Hard Drive Data Recovery for Mac Software and get lost files back.

RAW Recovery Option to Rescue Mac Files

RAW Recovery Option to Rescue Mac Files

If you are not able to get the satisfied results even after using the basics file recovery option provided by this software, then you need to try 'RAW Recovery' option. The RAW Recovery features come useful if the Mac partition/drive got too much corrupted or damaged due to different reasons. Mac Data Recovery Software provides option to use 100+different file formats, identifies the missing files, and retrieve them successfully from HD without a single digit change in the original data.

Mac Optical Media Data Recovery Application

Mac Optical Media Data Recovery Application

With the regular use of CD & DVD, small scratches start to appear on CD-DVD drive; and the probability of data loss increases with each scratch on CD-DVD drive. But, using the help of this Mac Software for Data Recovery, Macintosh user's can easily retrieve data from the corrupt or damaged CD-DVD and regain access on it. This Mac data recovery tool provides supports with major macOS file system and successfully rescue data from CD DVD Drive. Further, Data Recovery for Mac tool eliminates the need of using a separate CD-DVD Data Recovery on Mac machine.

Deleted BootCamp Partition Recovery Software

Deleted BootCamp Partition Recovery Software

Usually, Mac user's have one of their Mac drive pre-reserved for BootCamp partition. It will let them to use the different operating system like Windows, Linux etc. on the same Mac machine. However, sometimes due to certain problems this BootCamp partition become corrupted or damaged and the data stored on BootCamp partition become inaccessible for the end user. In such cases, this Mac-Data-Recovery Program comes as data-rescue and retrieve all the information intacts from BootCamp partition onto the user macOS computer.

TimeMachine Data Backup Drive Recovery Software

TimeMachine Data Backup Drive Recovery

TimeMachine on Mac is one of the best-inbuilt utility that is used to store the hard-drive files and folders. But, there occur certain problems when Apple TimeMachine becomes inaccessible, and all the files and folders stored in TM get lost in a sudden. In such cases, this Mac-Data-RecoveryApp can be used to retrieve the data from an inaccessible Time-Machine. Along with providing file recovery facility from TimeMachine (TM), this application also offer supports with Apple TimeCapsule Recovery.

Encrypted Mac Hard Drive File Recovery

Encrypted Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery

Mac Data Recovery from Password Protected Hard Drive is one of the most exciting feature provided by this data rescue utility. File recovery from encrypted drive seems to be an tedious task, but this Mac recovery app provides access to lost files quickly. In order to get back lost Mac data from the encrypted-drive, a user doesn't need any technical skills. Just purchase this Best macOS data recovery and then use Encrypted Mac Drive Data Recovery option to un-delete those useful files back to your HD.

Advanced Mac-Drive Scanning Modes for Data Recovery

Advanced Mac-Drive Scanning Modes for Data Recovery

This software also provides advanced level Mac hard disk-drive scanning option to retrieve the lost, deleted data more effortlessly. For example, if a Mac user has deleted a file mistakenly, then 'Quick Scan' option comes in use. But, if the hard drive of Mac is too much corrupted or you have format the entire drive, then 'Advanced Scan' option comes useful. The Software for Mac Data Recovery uses powerful & inbuilt file-recovery algorithms to helps in restoring the files back on local Mac drive/volume.

Create Disk Image (.DMG) File for Mac Data Recovery

Create Disk Image (.DMG) File for Mac Data Recovery

Data recovery software also provides user an option to create full Disk image file (.DMG in short) of selected Mac-hard-drive. This newly created DMG file can be stored either on external or internal hard drive and later used for data recovery purpose on Apple Mac computer like iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air etc. This is one of the most exciting feature provided by Mac-Data-Recovery Application and not available in any other data recovery-software.

Provide Bootable Mac System Start Up Disk Option

Provide Bootable Mac System Start Up Disk Option

At any point of time, a Mac machine becomes unbootable either due to hard-drive corruption or HD-formatting cases. In such cases, a bootable DVD comes useful to boot the Mac computer Startup volume and retrieve the files from Mac machine. TechSoftwareLogic listed Mac Software for Data Recovery also helps a user to create & use the bootable Mac DVD for hard drive recovery purpose.

Free File Preview Option of Deleted Files on macOS

Free File Preview Option of Deleted Files on macOS

Using the help of this Free Mac File Recovery Software, Macintosh user's get a free-file preview of all the recoverable data items from the hard drive. The free file preview feature will make sure whether the recoverable files are same as the original one or not. Along with these features, this recovery application also provides a free-preview of corrupted files to stop macOS from any kind of freezing problems.

Mac Data Recovery from Internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD

Mac Data Recovery from Internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

The Mac-data-recovery tool securely retrieves any type of files lost or deleted due to different reasons without comprising the data quality. The software completely scans the Macintosh-hard-drive & retrieves videos, photos, audios, emails, archives, and other documents files missing/lost either intentionally or accidentally. Additionally, the “Deep Scan” option of Mac data recovery software let’s user scans the selected region or sector of HD. Free Download Mac Data Recovery from Internal Hard Drive Undelete files, folders, videos files from internal Apple Mac Drive (HDD).

Search Missing or Deleted Mac Partition/Volume to Rescue Macintosh Files

Search Missing or Deleted Mac Partition/Volume to Rescue Macintosh Files

The Data Recovery Utility also provides Deleted or Lost Mac Partition Recovery to Apple Mac user's. In case, any of the Mac drive/partition or volume gets inaccessible/lost/deleted, then simply run the Premium version of this macOS data recovery tool and get back all the lost files. The “Can’t Find Module” of this Apple data recovery Mac software efficiently searches the lost/deleted partition and further gives data retrieval facility without any change in the original digital files.

Restore Mac HD Data & Repair macOS Drive Errors

Restore Mac HD Data & Repair macOS Drive Errors

The Mac data recovery app also provides file recovery facility after resolving the different kind of HD/Volume problems, i.e., ‘Invalid index key,’ ‘Invalid leaf record count,’ or ‘Invalid key length’ errors. This all in one Mac utility further recreates the corrupted/damaged directory of Mac hard-drive and makes the data-recovery possible. This software is also rated as the #1 award-winning Mac Data Recovery Software to Fix Hard-Drive Corruptions and to recovers Apple macOS Files safely & securely.

Best Software for Mac Data Recovery to Correct Disk/Drive Permissions & Consistency Problems

Best Software for Mac Data Recovery to Correct Disk/Drive Permissions & Consistency Problems

The Premium version of this Data Recovery for MAC application safely verify and fix all the Mac hard drive/volume permission error. To make the data retrieval process easier for Apple-Mac users, this Mac data rescue software also provides “Enable Mac Volume Journaling” option to protect the volume integrity and further improve the overall Mac hard drive data recovery experience. Free Try to Resolve Mac Drive Consistency Errors.

Mac Data Recovery from External SSD, HDD (Internal and External Both)

Mac Data Recovery from External SSD, HDD (Internal and External Both)

TechSoftwareLogic Apple Mac Data Recovery is the best software when it comes to undelete files from internal & external HDD, SSD, USB, SD Card, and certain other types of data storage devices. To rescue all the lost files, one just needs to connect the drive with the Macintosh machine and then run the Premium version of this Mac-data-recovery tool. This software treats the externally connected drive as local HD and gets back Mac data easily. To rescue Mac data from external SSD, internal HDD, you need to purchase macOS Data Recovery Tool on the Macintosh machine.

Best Mac Software for Data Recovery to Retrieve Data from 100+ Different File Types

Mac Software for Data Recovery to Retrieve Data from 100+ Different File Types

This Free to Download Mac Data Recovery is fully capable of retrieving the deleted/lost videos, documents, emails, archive, pictures and several other kinds of files from Macintosh-volume. Additionally, it also provides support with 100+ different file extension to make the complete data recovery task much easier for the end-users. Also, if an Apple user is not satisfied with the search results, then using the help of this software they can manually add the file extension of the desired type by clicking on the “Add File Extension” button.

Recover macOS HDD Data using a Bootable USB Drive

Recover macOS HDD Data using a Bootable USB Drive

Is your macOS machine not starting up properly or got stuck in the mid-way and now all the Mac files/folders become inaccessible? If yes, then Mac Data Restoration Software comes useful and makes the entire data recovery facility easier for end-users. This Mac-software further creates a bootable USB drive on another MAC with similar hardware configuration and makes the inaccessible/non-bootable Mac's to work again using the help of USB drive. Use #1 Award-winning macOS Data Restoration to rescue data using a Bootable USB Drive.

Resolve All Kind of Mac Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Corruption Problems & Rescue Data

Resolve All Kind of Mac Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Corruption Problems & Rescue Data

The Premium Version of Mac Hard Drive Repair and Recovery Software is the #1 application when it comes to repair & resolve hard drive errors and further recovering the deleted or lost data on Apple Mac machine/computer. After installing & running, this software gives a list of hard disk drive permission errors and also helps in replacing the damaged or corrupted drive for further data recovery. This exciting feature further comes handy to retrieve data on macOS.

Provide macOS User's Resume, Stop, Save Options

Provide macOS User's Resume, Stop, Save Options

The Mac Data Recovery Software provides "Resume", "Stop" and "Save" option to recover data more efficiently. Once you finished the Mac-drive scanning process, this world data recovery for Mac app will create a disk image file (.DMG file), which can be further reloaded at a later stage and used for macOS data recovery purpose.

Easy to Use Graphical User Interface-UI for Mac Data Recovery Purpose

Easy to Use Graphical User Interface-UI for Mac Data Recovery Purpose

Another useful feature of this Data Recovery Macintosh Application is easy to use graphical user interface (or GUI in short). It is easier for both novices as well as professional MAC users to undelete data with different file extension on macOS machine.

Command + Shift + Option + Delete Operation Mac Data Recovery Application

Many times, during the regular use of a Mac system, accidentally pressing the wrong (Command + Shift + Option + Delete) Keys will results in the data loss problem. In such kind of data loss situation, this Command + Shift + Option + Delete Key Data Recovery on Mac comes in use, and it retrieves all the Apple macOS files with 100% accuracy.

Bad Sector Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery

Data Loss due to the bad sector on Mac is always a nightmare for any users. Once the data gets lost or hard drive become inaccessible due to bad sector, then a professional Bad Sector Mac Hard-Drive Data Recovery Software is the ultimate possible solution to retrieve those lost files/folder back. The Data Rescue Mac Tool discussed above successfully retrieves files loss problems occurs due to the bad-sector on Mac-HD.

Is it Possible to Recover Lost Data from a Failed Mac Hard Drive?

"Yes", with the right tools and techniques, all data saved on a failed Mac hard drive can be recovered intact. Regardless of how your Mac hard drive was damaged, if you take quick action and use the appropriate Apple Data Recovery, you can rescue all your Mac data without any loss.

How is it Possible to Recover Mac Files Even After They have been Permanently Deleted?

To understand the answer to this question, you will need to understand a little something about the way the Mac file systems works. On a Mac when you delete something, the data contained in those files are not removed from the hard drive immediately. Instead, the storage space occupied by that data is marked as “Free” to be occupied by new data. This space remains “Empty” or in its original form (containing your deleted data) until new data overwrites it. Thus, before your old data is written over, theoretically, it’s possible to perform Data Recovery Mac.

Can Data be Recovered from a Formatted Mac Hard Drive?

Usually, if formatted data hasn’t been overwritten, it can be recovered depending upon what kind of formatting mechanism you have used. If you have used the ‘Quick’ or ‘Full’ format method it is pretty straightforward to perform Deleted Mac File Recovery. A ‘Quick’ or ‘Full’ format is a high-level format where the file system information such as directory entries or FAT is initialized whereas data areas are not overwritten. Thus Hard Disk Recovery for Mac becomes easy and all data can be easily recovered. However, if you have performed a low-level hard drive format, your data may have been deleted for good.

What is the Best way to Perform Mac OS X File Recovery?

There are no risk-free manual methods to recover lost data from Mac. You need the assistance of the Mac-Data Recovery-Software to perform accurate, efficient and hassle Free Mac OS X Drive Recovery.

How can I Choose the Best Data Recovery Tool for Mac?

Selection of the Best Data Recovery for Mac is crucial for recovering deleted or lost files on macOS and it is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Trusting the wrong product could worsen Mac hard drive damage and make your data non-recoverable. Thus, in order to select the Mac Data Recovery App check multiple software reviews, the number of their downloads, customer testimonials, and then compare the prices to select your ideal product.

Which Software is the Most Popular Data Recovery Mac Software of 2019?

The most popular Data Recovery Mac Software for the year 2019 is the one designed and developed by TechSoftwareLogic Programmer/Coder/Developer. You can find the details of the software on TechSoftwareLogic official website and free download this Mac Data Rescue Tool to rescue your precious documents.

With this Software, Can I Recover Damaged Data from Corrupted Optical Media?

Yes, with TechSoftwareLogic Mac Files Recovery Software, you can recover all your “seemingly” lost data from severely corrupted CDs/DVDs.

Is it Safe to Use this File Recovery Program for Mac?

Yes. This software performs File Recovery on Mac in a manner that is completely safe and non-destructive. This is a read-only application and will not write or make changes to the drive it is recovering from. An important thing you should remember while using this product is not to install the software on the drive that needs to be recovered.

My Macintosh System Crashes Frequently, Does it mean my Hard Drive is Corrupted? If it is, Can I Recover my Data using this Program?

Frequent system crashes can be an indication of system file corruption or hard drive corruption. In both cases, your critical data is in danger. If you face data inaccessibility, you can easily recover your data from a corrupted hard drive using Data Recovery for Macintosh listed on TechSoftwareLogic site. Remember not to reinstall the system before recovering data. Set the faulty hard drive as a secondary drive on another computer, and run the software on the computer to recover the data on the secondary drive.

My Mac Doesn’t Boot up. How Can I Recover my Files?

This is a tough one. If your system isn’t booting up, you should connect the hard drive from it to another computer that has File Recovery Software for Mac installed and use it to recover your data saved on the hard drive from the faulty system.

Can I Recover the Files Deleted a Long Times ago?

Whether or not deleted files can be recovered has nothing to do with when they were deleted. All that matters is that whether you save new data onto the partition where the deleted files were or not. If the deleted data is overwritten with new data, recovering it becomes next to impossible. However, if you have taken care not to write anything on the partition from where the files were deleted, this software can act as Mac Disk Warrior and recover everything intact.

Does this Data Recovery Application for macOS write anything onto an HDD?

TechSoftwareLogic listed Free Data Recovery Software for Mac never writes anything to the media from which you are recovering data.

Can I Recover Data from my Windows Partition as I am using BootCamp?

Many Mac users install Windows on one of their Mac volumes and use it as a Windows Boot Camp partition. Doing this provides them with the flexibility to work with different operating systems on the same machine. If the Boot Camp partition on your Mac has been damaged or corrupted, you can easily revive it with this Mac File Salvage Software. It supports hassle-free data recovery from NTFS partitions on Mac with the added benefit of being able to work even if your Mac is not set up as a standard Boot Camp dual-partitioned disk.

Why is this Software Asking to Make Changes to my Computer?

Like many programs, this File Recovery Mac requires an administrator password to work. It requires full access to be able to scan every bit of data on your Mac hard drive. You will only need to give this permission once after an installation or upgrade.

Can I Recover Trash Mac with this Software Product?

If you have emptied your Mac trash without restoring the required files, you don’t need to panic. This reliable Mac Trash Recovery program can accurately restore all the deleted Mac Trash files with their original file names.

I Deleted One or More Partitions by Accident, Can I Get the Data Saved on Them Back?

Yes, with this software you can Recover Deleted or Lost Mac Partition, you can recover data from deleted partitions quite easily.

How can I Know for Sure if this Product can Find my Missing Files?

Free Download and Run Data Recovery for Mac Software demo version. Allow it to scan your device/drive and then look through the search results. Click on any file to preview its contents. If you can see the content, recovery is fully possible. You can then purchase a key, enter it into the program, and save your files to another drive.

I Recently Bought a New Mac. Can I Transfer My Software Installation to it from My Old Mac?

It is extremely simple to transfer the license of Mac HDD Data Recovery from one computer to another. You can export the license from your old computer and import it into a new computer. This will deactivate the product on old Mac and activate it on the new one.

How Can I Recover Data with Original File Names?

TechSoftwareLogic Recovery Mac Files provides multiple scanning options to recover data with original file names. Some of the scanning options are ‘Quick Scan’ and ‘Advance Scan’.

Is it Possible to Recover Original Folder Structure with this Application?

The File Recovery Program Mac scans storage media and displays the default folder structure of your files under ‘Classic view‘. Here it allows you to preview folder items by simply double-clicking on any folder or item that you want.

How Much Time Does the Mac Recovery Software Take to Scan a Drive?

The time taken by the Mac OS X Data Recovery Application cannot be estimated exactly as it depends on many factors and varies for each scenario. It depends on the amount and type of data stored on the media, type of storage media you are scanning etc.

Can I Use My Computer While the Scan is Running?

Yes, you can use the computer while using this Mac Undelete App. Also, it is recommended not to modify the data stored in the media which you are scanning.

Is There any Way to Speed up the Scanning Process for Trash File Recovery Mac?

No, it is not possible to speed up the scanning process. However, you may create a disk image of the media being scanned and then use it to scan and find the files. This process would be faster.

Can I Pause a Running Scan?

Once you start the scanning process with this Recover Mac Files Application, unfortunately, it is not possible to pause it. You can, however, stop the scan & save the scan data as a disk image file which you can load at a later time to resume scan some other time.

I want to Recover Data from a Corrupt Volume. Is it Possible with this Data Recovery Program for Mac?

Of course it is. Just connect the drive and scan the corrupt volume with the Quick Scan option of the Free File recovery for Mac. If the results of the Quick Scan are not satisfactory, you should use the Raw Recovery functionality. Raw Recovery may take more time but has a greater chance to discover lost data.

What Does the Disk Image Function Do? Is it Used as Recovery Software for macOS ReImage?

This feature is not a backup/restore function. It is designed to help users avoid further damage on the hard disk from which they want to recover data. Since any operations on the faulty hard disk may cause the lost data to be overwritten, with this feature you can Recover & Restore MAC Data on another healthy computer and the faulty hard disk will always keep the initial state.

I Received a Disk Error During Usage of Mac Hard Drive Repair Software, What Does this Mean?

A disk error is a sign of hardware trouble. This product has solutions for software problems, it cannot help you with failed hardware. We recommend that you stop working with the corrupted drive until you make a disk image. After successfully creating an image using the help of this Mac Hard Drive Repair Tool you can use the image disk to do data recovery.

Is it Possible to Recover Data from a Password-Protected Mac Drive?

Yes, with this Top Data Recovery Software for Mac you can recover data from encrypted hard drives, but only if you have the password. Encrypted hard drives can be affected by corruption, viruses, or physical damage like any other drive and such issues can be fixed with this Disk Warrior for Mac Software. After you have entered the password, the protected drive will become available as a normal drive giving you the same scanning and recovery options. But, if you have lost the drive’s password, most software, including TechSoftwareLogic’s Recover Files for macOS, will not be able to help and only specialists might be able to break into your drive and retrieve your data.

Can I use this Software for Data Recovery to Scan External Drives or USBs?

Yes you can. External drives and USBs appear in the drive list shown within the software’s interface alongside all of your internal storage devices. External Hard Drive Repair for Mac supports FAT, FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFS+, ex-FAT, NTFS format.

What are Disk Images? Can I Use Them with any Other Software?

Recovery disk images (DMG files) are special compressed files containing base information about your data. You can use this data to fully restore the files listed inside the DMG. Such disk images created with TechSoftwareLogic Data Restoration for Mac cannot be mounted alone or within other programs – they are meant to be used only with this product. Similarly, images from other recovery programs cannot be used with this software either.

What does the Demo Version of File Recovery Mac OS X Software do?

The Demo version of Mac OS Data Recovery allows you to scan and preview your files that are smaller in size than 10 MB. This enables you to see whether your lost files can be recovered at all. To fully recover lost data, you will need the full version of the product.

Can I Recover Any Kind of File With this Product?

TechSoftwareLogic’s product is known as the Best Mac Recovery Software for a reason. This software can recover all of the most frequently used file formats with ease. If you find that a file extension is not supported by the software, you can easily add it to the existing list of supported formats by using the Preferences -> Add Header option. You can also filter out file types or formats to speed up your scanning and recovery process.

Does this File Salvage Mac Software Support 64-bit Operating Systems?

Yes, File Salvage Mac Tool is compatible with 64-bit Mac OS versions.

Which all Mac Versions can this Software Work with?

The data recovery program support macOS Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite version of Mac OS X upto 10.6.

Which Mac Devices Does this App Work Well With?

This Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X can smoothly recover lost, damaged, deleted, and formatted data from unmounted Mac hard drives, encrypted Mac hard drives, iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, Mac Pro.

Does this Undelete for Mac Software Work on an iPhone or an iPod Touch?

Apple protects the iPhone, iPad and iTouch so that the hard drive cannot be viewed as a drive letter on the PC. For this reason, this Deleted Mac File Recovery Software cannot be used to recover data from these devices. It will, however, work with iPods that can be placed into “drive mode”. Or if you can connect your device with a computer, this software will treat it as an external hard drive and recover data from it

How Many Times Can I Use this Software for Recovery Trash Mac?

Once activated, the software can be used to Recover Trashed Files Mac unlimited number of times.

Can I Move My Activation Key to Another Computer?

Yes. It is first necessary to deactivate the license key of Apple Mac Recovery on one computer before it can be used on another computer.

With Data Recovery Mac OS, Can I Search for Deleted Files in a Specific Dolder or do I have to Search the Whole Drive?

With Easy Mac Recovery Software from TechSoftwareLogic, searching for deleted files over the entire drive is a very fast process. The software ads the file index for all files on the drive in less than 1 minute.

Why Can’t I Recover Some Files?

Although Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software is very efficient and powerful, it might fail to recover some data in rare situations and the reasons for it may vary. Most probably, it’s because such data has been overwritten due to additional data writing activities generated after you deleted it.

How Can I Prevent Data Loss on My Apple Computer?

All digital devices fail at some point and due to varying reasons. To prevent data loss you need to back up your Apple computer regularly. Apple computers Mac OS X 10.5 and later come with the Time Machine backup utility for creating a functional restore point for your computer on an external hard drive. We recommend using Time-Machine or another Mac data backup program to protect important files. However, if at any point you notice signs of media damage such as clicking sounds or file corruption error messages, turn your computer off to prevent additional damage and call our customer service team to set up an evaluation.

I Deleted Some Files from My Mac OS X Start-up Drive, But Hard Disk Recovery Software Mac couldn’t Find These Deleted Files. Why?

After losing files from the start-up drive, continuing to use the Mac would write new data to the start-up drive. Once the deleted files are overwritten by new data, it is impossible to recover them. So the best way to increase your chances of data recovery is to stop using the affected computer ASAP after losing files from start-up drive.

Which File Systems Does Hard Drive Repair Software Mac Supports?

Disk Repair Software for Mac supports scanning and recovery from lost/deleted volumes of HFS, HFS+, FAT, NTFS and exFAT formatted drives along with improved support for HFS+, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS file systems and recovery from DVD.

What Customization Options does this Undelete Mac Software Offer?

The software provides options such as Preferences (Preview, Supported File Types, Add/Edit Header, Filter) and Search that can be used for recovering data according to personal requirement.

How to make data recovery possible on Mac TimeMachine backups drive?

Mac TimeMachine Backup Recovery is also possible using the help of this recovery app. To recover deleted, lost, corrupted Time Machine backups drive files, just connect the Time Machine external drive with the Mac system and click on the appropriate Mac Time Machine Recovery option to retrieve data.

What is the best memory card recovery software for Mac-OS computer?

Memory Card Data Recovery on Mac is one of the necessary files recovery features provided by this data recovery application. To recover the data from a corrupted memory card like Lexar, Samsung, Kingston, SanDisk, just connect the memory-card with Mac-machine and run this data rescue software for Macintosh.

How much money do I have to spend on purchasing a MacOS-data recovery software which provides all sort of data loss and recovery solution?

Instead of buying the best Mac data recovery software, choose the recovery software that fulfills your data-recovery requirements. It is because each data recovery tool provides a different set of features and their prices are distinct from each other. However, you will have to pay anywhere in-between $10-$100 to buy and using a Professional macOS data recovery app.

What is the most powerful data recovery tool for macOS machine?

Most powerful Mac Data Recovery Software regarding features like Time Machine backup drive recovery, Boot Camp partition recovery, deleted partition/volume, digital media recovery, hard drive recovery; RAW recovery features etc. are undoubtedly present in the recognizing recovery software. However, for simple file recovery options, there is plenty of data recovery software, but none of them is as much feature-full as the Macintosh recovery software discussed above.

Is deleted files recovery possible from Snow Leopard?

The Macintosh hard drive data recovery tool mentioned above can also be used to retrieve deleted or lost files from Snow Leopard hard-drive. To recover the data, just use this Mac Snow Leopard Data Recovery App, and then just follow the steps mentioned above along with the necessary screenshot.

What is the Best Mac data rescue tool in 2019 that provide advanced data recovery features?

The utility mentioned above is the Best 2019 Mac Data Recovery Software regarding reliability, security, features, and support for major versions including latest macOS Mojave and High Sierra.

Disk Utility gives me an unknown error, “Disk Utility can’t repair the hard drive. Backup as many files as possible, then reformat the Mac HD and restore backup data”. Is data recovery possible on Mac, if previous backups files are not available?

To resolve such disk utility error and recover data on Mac, the very first thing to do is take the complete backup of Mac hard drive. If the data backup option is not available, then apply the below tricks to recover lost data. First, format the hard disk and then use this Mac file recovery tool to retrieve the files from Mac OS X.

Is there any free Mac data recovery alternatives software available for TestDisk and PhotoRec that can be used to perform the advanced RAW recovery?

No, TestDisk and PhotoRec are the only two software which provides free data recovery option. However, they can’t take any guarantee of secure and reliable data recovery. To use the advanced and basic Mac data recovery features, you need to try Best Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X as discussed above.

How to recover files from a solid-state (SSD) drive having TRIM enabled by default on MacBook Pro?

The Solid State Drive (SSD) data recovery on MacBook Pro is possible after installing and scanning the HD. After scanning of the hard drive gets completed, you will be able to get a free preview of recoverable files.

How to recover data from a corrupted or damaged hard disk drive?

To perform the efficient file recovery from corrupted Apple Mac hard drive, please consider these two-user cases scenarios:- A)Data recovery from externally connected damaged hard drive on Mac: If the external hard drive or partition is not recognizing on Mac due to corruption problems, then free download and use this Mac data recovery utility. After installation, just select the external drive, and this software will automatically detect as well as retrieve files from the inaccessible hard disk/drive.
B)If internal Mac boot drive/volume got damaged: If the Mac computer becomes unbootable due to the file system corruption problems, then first make bootable DVD to boot the unbootable Mac and run this data rescue tool.

How to recover files from an internal Mac hard drive which is not showing up on the screen?

If the internal or local hard drive is not showing up, then there is a higher possibility that hard-drive got physically corrupted. In such cases, there is no use of running a Mac hard drive recovery tool, as it will decrease the chances of data recovery due to files over-written. The best possible solution to resolve such an issue is to take help of some data recovery services companies that can assist in data retrieval.

How to recover data from a Mac HD, which is connected with a FireCable with secondary macOS?

To retrieve the files from other Mac connect with a FireCable, please follow these steps correctly:- A)First, connects both the computer using the help of FireCable to make the Mac data recovery possible.
B)Finally, reboot the Mac from which you are recovering the data by holding down the “T Key” from the keyboard.
The final Mac (the one from which you want to undelete files) will be mounted as a regular drive into other macOS. From there on, use this best data rescue for Mac app, run the scanning mode and undelete the lost files.

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