Top 10 Best Mac Data Recovery Software [macOS Mojave Compatible]- Free Download to Recover Deleted Mac Files

Summary:- What are the Top 10  Free and Best Mac Data Recovery Software? How to Choose the Best Mac Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Mac Files? How to Combat Mac Data Loss Problems and Undelete Files using the help of Free Mac Data Recovery App. How to Recover Deleted Video, Audio, Email, Archive, Document Files from the macOS Hard Drive and Regain Access to Lost Mac OS X Files? What are the Key Features Provided by Best Data Recovery for Mac Software?

Mac Data Recovery Software Best Free Premium Version

Best Free Top 5+ Mac Data Recovery Software – Undelete Mac Files in 2020

These are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) by every Mac user whenever there occur any kind of Mac data loss problems. The solution of all the above listed Mac data loss and recovery problems are listed below. You can Free Download Best Mac Data Recovery Software mentioned in the below article and rescue files within minutes. The Mac data recovery tools listed below are completely safe & secure app for data recovery and provides 100 % Mac data recovery.

Top 10 Best Free Mac Data Recovery Software

Complete List of Top 10+ Best Mac Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Mac Files

Use any one of these Top 10 Best Free Mac Data Recovery Software to restore deleted ZIP, video, audio, pictures, Excel, PDF, documents and other necessary files from macOS hard drive. The data recovery software for Apple Mac OS X listed here are the ones which are popular in the data recovery industry and have a huge user base from all around the world.

#1)Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software

Stellar Mac Data Recovery is previously known as Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software and it is the most popular & award-winning data recovery program for Apple Mac OS X users. This data recovery app uses high level in-built and complex level data recovery algorithms to bring back any kind of deleted or lost files back. This DIY software for Mac data rescue recover files from empty Trash folder, repair corrupted Mac hard drive, fix corrupt photo & video, undelete files from both internal and external hard drive. Free download Stellar data recovery for Mac and rescue video, audio, photo, email, archives, documents files back to your normal drive.

Major Features of Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software

A complete list of features provided by Stellar data recovery for Mac are listed below.

  • Mac Trash Recovery
  • TimeMachine Backup Drive Recovery
  • Deleted Mac Partition Recovery
  • Internal Mac Hard Drive Recovery
  • External Mac Hard Drive Recovery
  • USB Drive Recovery on Mac
  • Pen Drive Recovery on macOS
  • Floppy Disk Recovery on Mac OS X
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) Recovery on Apple Mac
  • Memory Card Recovery from Mac
  • Music Player Recovery from macOS
  • Video Player Recovery from MAC
  • Digital Camera Recovery on Apple Mac
  • Drone Camera Recovery on Mac
  • External Disk Recovery on MacBook Pro/Mac Mini/iMac
  • Android Phone Recovery on MacBook Pro/Mac Mini/iMac
  • Camcorder Recovery on Macintosh
  • CF/xD Card Recovery on Mac OS X
  • ZIP Drive Recovery on Macintosh
  • MS Office Files Recovery on Mac
  • RAW Recovery
  • Mac BootCamp Partition Recovery
  • Photo Repair
  • Video Repair
  • Mac Hard Drive Repair
  • CD/DVD Recovery on Mac
  • Encrypted Mac Hard Drive Recovery
  • Provides Advanced Level Mac Hard Drive Scanning Option
  • Free Preview of All the Recoverable Deleted Mac Files
  • Digital Media Files Recovery
  • Create a Bootable Disk Image (.DMG) File for Mac Data Recovery
  • Provide Bootable Mac System StartUp Hard Disk Option
  • Mac User can Undelete Files from 500+ Different File Types
  • Bad Sector Mac Drive Recovery
  • Provides Easy to Use Interface for Data Recovery on Mac

#2)Mac Data Rescue Tool 

Data Rescue for Mac is another popular application to rescue deleted or lost files from the computer hard drive or volume. This recovery solution provides 2 different Mode, i.e. “Standard Mode”, and “Professional Mode”. 

The Mac Data Rescue Tool provides Advanced Search, Robust File Support, Email Notifications, Duplication Recognition, Recovery File Preview, Time Machine Compatibility, Professional User Interface, Unlimited Drive Recoveries, Mac and PC Cross-Compatibility, View Raw Drive and File Data, Faster Scan and Recovery Speeds option. It is one of the most reliable, safe and secure application to retrieve an unlimited number of files from both local and externally Mac hard drive.

Mac Data Rescue Software

#3)EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data Recovery for Mac is another powerful application to undelete an unlimited number of files and folders from internal drive and externally connected hard drive with Mac computer. You can rescue documents, email, video, music, photo files from the hard disk and get access to all the lost data instantly. This data recovery program provides support with FAT, ExFAT, NTFS, APFS, HFS+ file system and all the Mac operating system versions ranging from Mac Mojave 10.14 up-to Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). It provides a hassle-free deleted Mac file recovery using its interactive user interface and any novice user can also restore their files back and further use it without a single digit change in the original one.

EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Wizard

#4)Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac

The data recovery software for Mac from Wondershare is another reliable utility to perform deleted file recovery on Mac OS. Though, it doesn’t provide high- level advanced features to the Mac user, but for simple file recovery, it is highly effective. This data recovery app provides support from macOS High Sierra 10.13 to Mac OS X 10.6. It provides support for more than 500+ different file types that includes document/email/archive/video/photo. Some of the major Mac data loss problems gets resolved by Wondershare software in minutes.

Wondershare Recoverit Mac Data Recovery Software

#5)TestDisk for Deleted macOS Data Recovery

TestDisk is an open-source deleted partition recovery and file undelete utility for Mac. It is a free data recovery tool for advanced users due to its complex file recovery user interface. This free Mac data recovery app restores deleted files lost due to any major data loss reasons like virus/malware attack and other internal Mac app corruption problems. Besides Mac, TestDisk can also be used on Windows, Linux, DOS, SunOS for data recovery purposes. 

TestDisk Mac Data Recovery

#6)DiskDrill for Mac Data Recovery

The DiskDrill data recovery application for Mac OS X user retrieves deleted files from both internal and external hard drive or volume and provides support with all the Mac operating system up to Mojave 10.14. Besides normal deleted file recovery, DiskDrill also provides certain advanced level features, i.e. Mac cleanup, Disk Health Checkup, Duplicate File Finder, Mac Data Backup, Mac Data Protection, etc. to the end Mac OS X users. Besides Mac computer, DiskDrill can also be used to undelete files from Android and Apple iOS.

Disk-Drill Mac Data Recovery Software

#7)iSkySoft Mac Data Recovery Software

iSkySoft Mac Data Recovery Program is an all-round data recovery solution to retrieve video, music, email and various other files format from the HD. This recovery solution for Macintosh users provides easy to use interface that helps anyone to restore their deleted files back without facing any additional problems. It retrieves Mac user data from all kinds of data loss problems and makes sure that there will not be any change in the original files after performing data recovery using iSkySoft for Mac.

iSkySoft Mac Data Recovery

#8)DoYourData Mac Data Recovery App

DoYourData for Mac data recovery is a trustworthy application that resolves major data loss problems and helps in restoring files back to the user computer drive. It undeletes files from the laptop, external drive, USB drive, flash drive, memory card, pen drive, SSD, SD card and provides support with an operating system up to macOS Catalina 10.15. This data recovery solution for Mac comes in 3 different versions, i.e. “free”, “pro”, and “technicians” to provides unlimited Mac data recovery.

DoYourData Mac Data Recovery

#9)Tenorshare Any Mac Data Recovery

Tenorshare Any Mac data recovery is a leading and best file recovery tool that helps the MAC OS X user to undelete video, photo, music, MS Office, archive and email files successfully. It provides simple and easy to use 3 step data recovery guide, i.e. “select Mac hard drives”, “Start Hard Drive Scans”, “Recover Mac Data”. UltData- Mac Data Recovery (previously Tenorshare) provides RAW recovery, iTunes backup recovery, partition recovery facility and bring back lost Mac files up to Catalina 10.15. 

Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery Software


DiskWarrior is the ultimate Mac disk utility to perform:- “Mac Hard Disk Repair”, “Mac Directory Repair”, “Mac Disk Recovery”, “Mac Data Recovery”. It is one of the most essential Mac application that is being used by every Macintosh user in their day to day life. DiskWarrior is one of the oldest data recovery solutions available in this list of Top 10 Best Free Mac Data Recovery Software. DiskWarrior is one of the top-rated and award-winning application on major Apple Mac magazines and websites. Besides normal deleted file recovery, Macintosh users can also repair their corrupted Mac hard drive and further rescue data stored in it.

DiskWarrior Mac Data Recovery

How to Choose Best Mac Data Recovery Software to Retrieve Deleted Files?

Today, due to the continuous increase in the data recovery companies and further Mac data recovery apps, the selection of Best Mac Data Recovery Software becomes more difficult than ever. However, after checking the below essential details, one can easily choose the right data recovery program for Mac OS X and further perform deleted Mac files recovery.

  • Mac Data Recovery Software Customer Support
  • Money-Back Guarantee for Mac Data Recovery App
  • Working with Major Data Loss Situations
  • Retrieve All Types of Deleted Data
  • Company Behind Mac Data Recovery Software
  • Awards and Online Reviews About Data Recovery Software
  • Data Recovery Facility from All Type of Data Storage Devices
  • Mac Operating System Version Support
  • Mac Category Support
  • Free Software Download Option

What is Mac Data Recovery?

Although “Mac data recovery” is just a combination of 3 words, but one never wants to go in such-situation when any of their valuable data gets deleted/lost from the storage media. This is because the data-recovery is a time-consuming & costly process. And Mac users can avoid such situation by taking data backup, online/ offline.

However, in the case of a catastrophic Mac Data Loss situation that can result in a massive data loss due to utterly failed Mac hard drive and several other data loss causes; not all the information are lost yet. Thankfully, specially designed software developed by Mac data recovery experts and companies that can take care of precious data whenever any type of data loss problems occurred on the Apple Mac OS.

Though recovery of Mac data can be made at many different levels, an almost fundamental problem which many users deal is: deleted or lost Mac files. Which is further followed by higher-level hard disk drive failure, which occurs either due to file system corruption or malware infection?

How to Recover Deleted Files using Mac Data Recovery Software?

Retrieve deleted Mac files after following the below-listed steps and bring back all your digital memories instantly:-

1)First Buy Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software Premium Version and Install it On your MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini Machine.

Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software Premium Version

2)Now, Select the Files Type for Further Recovery of deleted Mac data. Choose the “Documents”, “Emails”, “Videos”, “Audio”, “Photos” Button Option to Undelete Files According to Your Needs. Otherwise, Select “Recover Everything” to Retrieve Every Piece of Deleted Files for Further Recovery from the Computer Hard Disk.

Select Mac File Types for Data Recovery

3)Here, One Needs to Select the Hard Drive for Deleted MAC Data Recovery. Choose Either “Macintosh HD”, or  “Can’t Find Volume” to Retrieve the Deleted Files and Click on the “Start Scan” Button Option.

Select Mac Hard Drive for Data Recovery

4)The Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X will Automatically Start the Scanning Process of Selected Mac Hard Drive and Display the Final Results on the User Mac Computer Screen.

Mac Hard Drive Scanning Process for Data Recovery

5)Here, in the 5th Step, You Need to Choose the Deleted Files and Click on the “Recover” Button to Finally Saving the Mac Files on the Data Storage Device. (Please make sure that the final/targeted hard drive must be different as the one from where you are recovering the deleted macOS files) as shown in the below screenshot.Select Deleted Mac Files for Recovery

6)Finally, the “Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software” will Save the Recovered Files onto the User Defined Data Storage Drive for further use.

  Mac Data Recovery is Saving the Recoverable Files on the Hard Drive

Final Conclusion About Best Free Top 10 Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X

The above-discussed List of Top 10 Best Free to Download Mac Data Recovery Software are the one, which I have tested, and use on my Mac computer. These Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X provide plenty of additional features for successful recovery of deleted or lost data from Mac drive. Meanwhile, if you know any other Data Recovery Software for Apple Mac, which deserves a place in this list, then please share it with via the comment section.

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