How to Recover Data from macOS Hard Drive using Mac Data Recovery Software

Summary: The Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool retrieves deleted videos, photos, JPEG, MS Office and other documents in a safe, reliable and lucid manner. The Deleted Mac Data Recovery Tool mentioned here will help the user to retrieve files from Mac HD and resolve major hard drive data loss problems.

Mac Hard Drive Data Loss Cause on macOS Forums

“How to Recover Data from Mac OS Hard Drive?

I am using Mac Mini with 2014 model and have an external Western Digital hard drive having stored thousands of essential videos and pictures files. Last month my brother emptied the external-drive without my knowledge, and now it is empty with zero data. All the photos and videos files stored into it are disappeared completely.

Now, I want to know is data recovery possible from  Mac Mini computer or the files had gone completely.

”      Source- CNET forums

The above-discussed problem is just one of the question that user’s ask on Mac-related forums and blogs.

Overview of Data Recovery from Apple macOS Hard Disk Drive

The hard drive on Mac plays a significant role in storing the Videos, Pictures, Audio, PPT, Excel, WordPad files. Toshiba, Samsung, Western DD are some of the most commonly used external hard drive on Mac that store data.

How to Recover Data from macOS Hard Drive using Mac Data Recovery Software

However, there occur certain cases when the files get deleted or lost from the Mac OS hard drive. In such cases, selecting the Best Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Software becomes the primary task. For a beginner and professional macOS user, who have no experience about data recovery on Mac, it becomes challenging to undelete lost files. Therefore, to help thousands of Apple-Mac users, I have written this detailed article on how to perform the safe and reliable data recovery from macOS hard drive on Apple computers, i.e. MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini.

Important Note before using the Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Software:- Once the files get deleted from the hard drive of Mac, then please stop using it. As it will make sure that no new data will be overwritten on the hard drive and deleted or lost Mac files recovery becomes possible using Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool.

How to Use Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Software to Get Access to Lost Files?

Deleted or Lost data recovery from the macOS hard drive is possible by following below tips:-

1st Step: To perform the safe files recovery from the hard drive of Mac, first you need to buy and install the Mac Data Recovery Software. 

Buy Now Mac Data Recovery Software

2nd Step: Now, open the user interface of this Mac Hard Drive Recovery Tool and then choose the hard drive option from ‘BootCamp, ‘Sierra,’ ‘Macintosh HD’ as shown in the below-lost file recovery screenshot:-

Best Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Software user interface for deleted file recovery

Finally, click on the ‘Start Scan’ button as shown above to initiate the Mac hard drive scanning process.

3rd Step: This deleted data recovery Mac software will automatically start the hard disk drive (HDD) scanning process and displays the final-scanned results on the user screen.

4th Step: After the completion of the hard drive scanning process, the Mac hard drive recovery app will help the Apple user to preview their lost files before final recovery from data storage device (i.e. hard drive).

5th Step: To preview the recoverable deleted files using best Mac HD recovery software, double-click on any of the files from the left pane to preview its free content on the right pane of MacBook/iMac monitor.

Best Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Software provides free file preview options

6th Step: The recovery software for Mac hard drive also helps the user to undelete some specific file from HD. To recover the disappeared files from Mac hard drive, click on a particular file and choose the ‘Recover’ option button to undelete them from the hard drive.

7th Step: Once the above step of Mac hard drive file recovery process gets finished, the data recovery application will prompt a message to “Choose the Destination drive for further files saving”Here, you need to make sure that external or internal Mac hard drive should not be same as the drive from where you are retrieving deleted Mac files.

8th Step: Finally, the Mac Hard Drive Recovery displays a message implies that saving process of deleted documents from the hard drive had been completed with success.

Best Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Software is saving the data at specific location

Final-Conclusion: The Best Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery Software mentioned above acts as the ultimate Mac hard drive data rescue utility when it comes to retrieving the hard drive data on macOS. In case, you find the Data Recovery from Mac Hard Drive Application useful, then please share your view in the below article comment section.

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