BitRaser– Certified Data Erasure Software

Got a hard drive or Smartphone that’s lost all its juice? Before discarding it or exchanging it for a new one, wipe it clean using secure and reliable Data Erasure Software, BitRaser. Remove all track of personal & professional information from hard drives, beyond the scope of even the most advanced data recovery.

  • Reliable Data Destroyer that’s certified and secure
  • Erases standalone as well as networked drives
  • Wipes hard drives as per internationally recognized erasure standards
  • Generates Data Erasure reports and certificates for audits
  • Can perform simultaneous File Erasure on multiple hard drives & devices
BitRaser Data Erasure Software || Useful Features

BitRaser is a remarkable Hard Disk Drive Wipe Software for Windows application that carries out a secure, reliable, certified, and efficient wiping procedure on hard drives and other devices such that previously saved data cannot be recovered from them ever again. Some of the most attractive features of the software include:

Secure Wipes HDDs/SSDs

BitRaser is a plug-and-play application which helps to permanently erase data from hard disk drives as well as solid-state drives on PCs, laptops, servers, as well as rack-mounted devices. This feature comes handy while discarding old unused drives which can no longer be used but hold or used to hold sensitive information. Such devices can be used by malicious minds to recover critical information even after formatting. But with BitRaser wiping your hard drive, nothing can ever be redeemed from it even with the most technically superior data recovery procedures. It is thus, the most reliable and secure method of data erasure.

Secure Wipes Multiple Drives at once & Networked Drives

This Data Destroyer helps manage bulk data erasure requirements over a network. It supports erasure of up-to 32 hard drives simultaneously. This feature is perfect for situations wherein an organization wants to discard multiple old hard drives or proprietary devices which no longer hold importance. It saves time and effort by allowing users to carry out batch erasure. Additionally, the software’s 'Management Console' feature performs remote erasure over a network giving you central control and providing a repository of all certificates and reports.

Secure Wipes iOS & Android Devices

BitRaser is an ideal utility for safeguarding user privacy. It erases all data from your mobile devices such as iOS and Android-based permanently. Typically, every Smartphone has some personal user pictures and data which if falls into the wrong hands can incur loss of integrity. However, data once erased with BitRaser Data Erasure Software cannot be recovered even with the most advanced Data Recovery Software. This makes sure that your sensitive data doesn’t fall in the wrong hands when mobile devices are disposed of, recycled or sold.

Secure Wipes All Kinds of Files

When it comes to permanently wiping different kinds of files like photos, music, videos, documents, internet history etc. from hard drives, nothing completes the job as commendably as BitRaser. The software meets the data sanitization needs of individuals and organizations by securely erasing files using 27 International standards.

Solutions for Different Verticals

BitRaser is an efficient hard disk drive wipe tool used by different industries like enterprises, governments, as well as IT service providers. Governments use this software to face the challenges of information security being compromised. Enterprises need it to erase data across devices at the end of the life cycle of every asset. IT service providers use this application to Erase Data beyond the scope of recovery.

Data Erasure as per International Standards

BitRaser data erasure software secure wipes devices as per 27 international erasure standards. The software meets organizational compliance needs (both regulatory and statutory) with tamper-free audit trails for data security & privacy. The compliance standards it confirms to include SOX, GLB, HIPAA, ISO27001,EU-GDPR, and PCI-DSS.

Generates Data Erasure Reports

This file erasure software generates detailed reports of the erasing process it carries out on hard drives and other devices. Such reports can be used to keep a record of what all data existed before being erased from the drives. Other analysis can also be conducted on the reports when needed.

Efficient & Reliable

BitRaser data erasure technique has been designed by domain experts to be 100% reliable and efficient. It completes in optimum time and the data erased is absolutely gone forever. It cannot be recovered with any traditional or advanced Data Recovery Software and thus, the product’s work can be trusted.

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