External Hard Drive Recovery Mac

External Hard Drive Recovery Mac

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Overview of External Hard Drive Recovery Mac in Details

Is “External Hard Drive on Mac” possible- Many Mac users ask this question when they experience data loss problems on the external hard drive. It is entirely possible to recover the Mac data from external drives with the help of manual troubleshooting solutions or by using the help of TechSoftwareLogic Mac data recovery software. Some of these solutions are data recovery from Trash, TimeMachine backup, mac data recovery apps, and more. The expert team of TechSoftwareLogic has written the below-mentioned article in detail about how to recover data from external hard drives connected to Mac.

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Overview of External Hard Drive Data Recovery on Mac in Detail

We all use external drives to store important files, photos, video files, etc., and carry them wherever we go. However, this convenience also comes with great problems. Certain incidents or mistakes can lead to the loss of data from the external drive.

In such circumstances, you might look for an external hard drive recovery on Mac. Data deletion from external hard drives can’t be stopped, but there are ways to overcome the permanent loss of data.

Let’s see a few methods in this article that will help in recovering deleted files from an external hard drive on Mac.

List of Scenarios Leading to Data Loss on External Hard on Mac

Here are a few scenarios that can lead to external hard drive data loss problems. 

  • Intentionally or unintentionally deleting files on the external hard drive only to realize that you need them.
  • Accidentally formatting the external hard drive.
  • Malware attack causing warning on Mac devices and not allowing you to use or even open a file on the external hard disk drive (HDD).
  • Opening the hard drive on a Mac device shows a damaged or read error message.

List of Solutions to Recover Deleted Mac Data from External Hard Drive

The external hard drive’s hardware can cause your files or documents to disappear. Thus, if you encounter these problems, try out one of the methods given below to get the files back. 

#1)Use Trash to Restore the Deleted Files from the External Hard Drive

Many Mac users don’t empty the Trash Bin immediately after they delete data. This increases the chances of recovering deleted data. 

Here are the quick steps to recover the files from the external drive using Trash. 

  • Firstly, connect the external hard drive to the Mac device where you want to restore the data. 
  • When the drive is mounted, go to ‘Trash’ from ‘Dock’. 
  • Next, in the ‘Trash’ folder look for deleted files. Select the files you want to restore. 
  • Thereafter, secondary-click the folder or files and select ‘Put Back’. This will restore the files to their original location on the external hard drive. 
  • Another option is to drag and drop the files you want to restore from Trash Bin to the external hard drive. Copy and paste is also a viable option.

But the method isn’t going to work if you empty the Trash Bin while the Mac device is still connected to the external hard drive.

#2)Use Backup to Restore Deleted Files from the External Hard Drive

If you follow the 3-2-1 backup strategy on the Mac device, you might already have three copies of your crucial data. The original copy is present on Mac’s internal SSD. It can also be saved in an external storage drive for freeing up space on the SSD. The second copy is saved on an external backup hard drive, and the last copy is stored in iCloud, the cloud storage.

So, now, if a file gets deleted accidentally from the external hard drive, it can easily be recovered from an external backup drive, Mac, or iCloud. This unerring backup can rescue you from all types of data loss situations.

#3)Use TechSoftwareLogic Mac Data Recovery Software

It has provided data recovery services since 1993 and is an award-winning software. With its external hard drive data recovery on Mac, it is easy to recover the data from the external hard drive. It can restore all types of data. TechSoftwareLogic Mac Data Recovery Software is a safe and secure program that runs on Mac-Mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac-Pro.

List of Useful Tips to Protect External Hard Drive Data Loss Problems on Mac

Since losing or deleting important files can lead to serious problems, it is necessary to learn why the files get lost or deleted. This will help you to take some proactive measures. But knowing the common causes of data loss is not enough. It is necessary to follow a few tips that are effective in preventing data loss. 

Here, take a look at them. 

1)Keep at least two copies of an important file and store them in a different location like another external hard drive, cloud-based storage, or Mac disk. Create a backup of the data to keep them well-protected. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the likelihood of permanent data loss. 

2)Keeping a low-quality external drive can bring in many unwanted problems like frequent hard disk crashes, low durability, and formatting error messages. So, it is better to get a good-quality hard drive from a reputable manufacturer. Also, buy it from a reliable retailer as there are many fake products in the market. 

3)Keep your external hard drive safely. If the external hard drive gets physically damaged, it won’t be possible to restore the files in it. Hence, make it a point to store it in a safe place to prevent it from being physically damaged. 

4)It’s important to disconnect the hard disk in the right manner. Just unplugging it from Mac can do some harm. If you have been doing this all along, stop.

Final Words

To restore the deleted files from an external hard drive on Mac, you have to search the deleted files in the trash folder by mounting the hard drive on Mac. But, if you have emptied the Trash Bin, while your external hard drive was still connected, you can restore it from backup provided you have taken a backup. 

In case all the above steps are not working, just install free TechSoftwareLogic Mac Data Recovery Software. Just download and install the app on Mac and retrieve data from the external hard drive on Mac within minutes.

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